Mythodea / Festival of Memories


A year ago East Blackwood made the voyage to Lunorth for the first gathering at Dagger Point.  This year they went with a few more people and the festivities were that much more enjoyable.  The Iron Daggers hosted a splendid gathering complete with tournaments, a tavern, good food, poetry, memories and even several weddings!  

Walk of Memories

The Iron Daggers invited everyone to Dagger Point in Lunorth to celebrate the Festival of Memories.  Guests and Iron Daggers alike would build statuettes which represented an important memory to them and stories both happy and sad would be told throughout.  The festival hosted various tournaments including the Red Game which Makø Tock of East Blackwood and Nova Bretonia won.  To culminate the festival, a Walk of Memories was made.

Guests and Iron Daggers were led into the forest by Sir Raven.  Along the walk memories were shared as people walked two by two, three by three and four by four.  The main walk ended in a clearing where Sir Raven gave a speech of remembrance.  After the speech, the festival goers walked back along a different path continuing to tell further stories and to ease themselves into what the rest of the night would offer.

Erotic Poetry

One such offering was the Erotic Poetry competition which was hosted by an artist named Lotti.  Many of those present, including the Grand Brenn and Knight of Nova Bretonnia Sir Alsrik took part in the event, and performed poems which were voted on by a panel of judges which included Lotti, Makø Tock and Hetman Ingolf Northeski the Earl of Northheim and Commander of the Dragon Guard.  In the end the judges declared Fynn the winner but all the of the competition was stiff and hard for sure.

Exchange of Gifts

Back in the longhouse of the Iron Daggers, an audience was called.  The Lord Protector of Lunorth, Viktor Kettle, announced that it was likely that the Iron Daggers would likely be leaving Lunorth in the near future and as such he wished to thank them for their years of leel service and gave them a large chest of gold, silver and copper to thank them for their service.  William of East Blackwood and Nova Bretonia presented the Iron Daggers with a handcrafted knife which he had made himself from cold iron.  Sir Dagger of Blackwood gifted Sir Raven of the Iron Daggers a pendant that had once been given to him by the Mitra'kor of Change, Kupa as Sir Dagger claimed it was a better fit to Sir Raven than he.

Weddings and Revalry

After the exchange of gifts, the party commenced in earnest.  Good drink flowed from the taps and a feast was presented by the Iron Dagger hosts.  Dice were thrown and Lotti married some 8 different individuals over the course of the festivities.  Even Willow of the Academy's 3 daughters seemed to have a good time conversing with the elder festival attendees late into the evening.  As the party died down, all who were present made their way to their beds, or someone else's, with smiles on their faces after having enjoyed the company of friends, allies, and frienamies.