Mythodea / Nova Bretonia


Questionable Gift

During a visit to Zweiwasser, Mako Tock spoke wth Sir Dagger about the gift he had precented to the princess of Nova Bretonia the year before.  There was a fear that the spider meant that the princess was marked for death by the Castiliani. 

Sir Dagger traveled back to Nova Bretonia with Mako when the chance presentet itself and after a campain there he explained to the Ri of Nova Bretonia and his generals that the spider was won in a tournament and was a spider due to the event's host which happened to be Drow.  This was an acceptable answer and talks about other matters continued after.

Support to Nova Bretonia

As was promiced the year before, East Blackwood provided support to Nova Bretonia once more when an artifact, which had been gifted to Dagger by the Ri of Nova Bretonia, lit up.  East Blackwood assisted Nova Bretonia with issues concerning the hunting of faries and the return of the aspects of the apocolyps.

Continued Aid

Nova Bretonia expressed worries about the Castilini and the Groll family and their desire to find them and remove them from the Western Seal.  Sir Dagger offered to use his contacts to help find them.  Dagger also offered to try and assist them with their food shortage problem and has made plans to speak to the Lord Protector of Lunorth Viktor Kettel and Doctor Niels Forbonte about potential deals.