Mythodea / Nova Bretonia


In the fall of Realms Year 1020 (October 2020), Sir Dagger of Blackwood, Djako Kaevh, Captain Varn, Bodwar and Annabel visited Sapphire House in Triskel, Nova Bretonia for the first time since the manor came into East Blackwood's possession. There, they hosted Honorable guests notably Princess Gérianne of Norva Bretonia and Ceallach of the O'Annid. They also used this time to officially hold Blackwood Court for the first time in Mythodea.

Nova Bretonia Relations

The Princess of Nova Bretonia and Govenor of Triskel made a surprise visit to Sapphire House where she was welcomed witih food and drink.  While she visited, Sir Dagger gifted her with a spider broach which he had won in a tournament a few years prior.  Also during this time, Mako Tock of Nova Bretonia was named Diplomatic Liason between Blackwood and Nova Bretonia.