Mythodea and the Ancient World / Western Seal


Nova Bretonia

After visiting the Westen Seal Province of Nova Bretonia on behalf of Sayeh of Sapphire Isle, Ambassador Dagger offered his services to the Ri Isenden.  During the threat that followed, the Embassy continued to support Nova Bretonia on behalf of Sapphire Isle.  This service included assistance in the fight to defeat Morgana and being her to justice, Saving the Ri's life and, aiding the Ri and Morgana in opening the portal to bring the rest home to Mythodea.

For the Embassy's efforts, Ambassador Dagger was given one of the six artifacts of the Portal.  Also given to the Embassy was a land grant which has yet to be signed or sealed. The signing is to be performed in one year's time during the Summer Campaign.  Ambassador Dagger requested that the land and respective building be known as Sapphire House.  This request was granted.

The Banner of Silence

While it is true that the embassy made friends with the Banner, the situation in Nova Bretonia served to potentially further their friendship.  The Embassy worked closely with several members of the banner including Lady Azela herself.

The Voice of the West and Ragnorock

The most complicated of all relations was that of the one between Ambassador Dagger and the Voice of the West. While the individual members of the Guard performed admirably, Dagger himself could not help but come into verbal conflict with the Western Seal's highest ranking diplomat. Time and time again the ambassador felt slighted and reacted in kind. If opportunities had been presented to mend the broken relationship, Dagger found himself failing at half of them regardless of his actions elsewhere on the campaign. 

Determined not to be pushed aside, Dagger insisted that East Blackwood be included.  Captain Varn with council from Bødwar served on Morgan's trial as the prosecution while Dagger served on the jury and Eridan Crabsbane as Bailif. Captain Varn was also included in meetings of war.