Mythodea / Northern Seal


Goals of the Convent

At this Convent of the Elements (1 N.d.K), East Blackwood had two major goals concerning the Northern Seal.  One goal was to speak with Lord Protector Darius and discuss the words Lady Anna claimed that he spoke against Sir Dagger at the prior campaign.  The other, depending on how the first went, was to speak with the Archon of the North and see if it the North and Viribus Unitas would be a camp for East Blackwood this year at the Summer Campaign against Ankor Mortis. Both meetings happened and went as well as one could have expected solidifying East Blackwood's destination for the upcoming campaign but not before another issue arose involving the East Blackwood Company, the Western Seal and, the Northern Seal.

Accusations of Treason and Slander

A year prior, Sir Dagger of Blackwood and the East Blackwood Company were asked by the Rii Isenden of Nova Bretonia (in the Western Seal) to help him remove the families Groll and Castilliani respectively.  Sir Dagger believed he may have an idea and said as much.  Also during this time, the people of Nova Bretonia went hungry as many lands in the Southern and Central areas of Mythodea did.  Seeing an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, East Blackwood embarked on a journey North to the Protectorate of Lunorth. There they visited the Lord Protector of Lunorth as well as the his family, the Kettle Family.  Once there, Dagger suggested Mako Tok of Nova Bretonia, and as Scribe for the East Blackwood Company, speak with Father Kettle and ask if he could help with the problem in Nova Bretonia.  At the very least, she should attempt to procure food for the fiefdom and its people.

A deal was made where Lunorth provided Nova Bretonia horses to be slaughtered for meat at the cost of a large favor from Lunorth.  Although the East Blackwood Company had no part in the actual contract, later they would be accused of foul play from within the Western Seal as many saw Sir Dagger's actions as being in poor taste and corrupt.  Mako was even accused of treason and investigated by the Western Seal.  Word reached the Embassy that the Voice of the West himself spoke out against Sir Dagger and the Kettle family.  This came to a head when the newspaper present at this year's Convent of the Elements (JdS2022) published an anonymous article against which spoke against both Rii Isenden of Nova Bretonia and the Kettle Family.  Seeing the situation was escalating, Sir Dagger and Bodwar agreed to take East Blackwood to the Northern Seal Command Tent to explain the situation.

Many of the nobles of the Northern Seal were present including Lord Protector Viktor T. Kettle of Lunorth.  The situation was explained and the North agreed to attend the Western Seal's next investigation meeting between the West and the Accused, Mako Tok of Nova Bretonia.  There, in that meeting, matters concerning the accusations against the East Blackwood Company and Mako Tok were cleared.  The matter rested then firmly in the hands of the leadership of the Western and Northern Seal's respectively.

Lord Protector Darius, General of the Northern Armies

Sir Dagger met with Lord Darius and Sir Raven at the East Blackwood camp during the Convent of the Elements this year.  There they discussed alleged accusations made against Sir Dagger at the prior spring campaign.  The conversation went well and was primarily focused on "not forgetting one's friends" and instead focusing on them more.  This led Sir Dagger to approach the Archon of the North later that week.

"Meeting" with the Archon of the North

Sir Dagger spoke to the Archon of the North at a tavern in Bad Holzbrück during the Convent of the Elements.  The conversation was very brief.

Dagger:  "I have been informed that you would like us to camp and fight alongside Viribus Unitas at the Summer Campaign against Terra Ankor. Would you like us to camp and fight alongside you?"

The Archon:  "Do you want to camp and fight with us?"

Dagger:  "... I guess we will be camping and fighting with you at the Summer Campaign."