Mythodea / Norden



Lady Anna-Katharina and Baron Adam became close during the Siege of Ankor Mortis. Adam wishes to include Anna more in Northern Diplomacy.

The Nyame and Archon of the North both approved Lady Anna's request to represent Blackwood in the North and to assist in strengthening diplomatic relations with others for the North.

The Nyame and Archon of the North sent Lord Protector Leon to announce to Anna that she is part of the Northern diplomacy quarters committee.


Lady Anna-Katharina von Rabenau introduced Cyrus, Advisor of Dame Evelyn, to Lord Ravn.  Negotations are in progress.

Ships connected to the East Blackwood Embassy will be protected by Lunorthian Warships when traveling to and from Sagara in the Realm of Roses.

Cyrus wishes to cooperate with other partners through the Embassy.