Mythodea / Münzquell


Halfdan and Féwaé Méllinar Vitèz the Master of Coin of the Münzquell were in attendance of both the Barony of East Blackwood's Festival of Life and the Barony of Zweiwasser's Winterwacht Festival. Féwaé, Baron Dagger and Master Djako Kaevh continued their trade relationship on behalf of both East Blackwood and the Münzquell during the Festival of Life.  Halfdan, as he was a guest of the festival, offered himself to close a power leak.  This act could have killed Halfdan but he offered to take the energy upon himself anyway knowing it would cause him to rage and need to be stopped violently.  Luckily, Halfdan survived and was later honored by Baron Dagger in a letter to his master the Flamebrood, Sir Balor.

At the Winterwacht Festival three months later, Baron Dagger continued to advance the trade relations of East Blackwood and the Münzquell.  Halfdan was then also welcomed as a new brother of the Flamebrood.