Mythodea / Münzquell


During the Convent of the Elements, the Münzquell tavern was the first stop of the East Blackwood Company party.  Later during the Convent, however, it came to the attention of East Blackwood that rumors were making their rounds that the East Blackwood Company and or Sir Dagger himself was speaking ill about the Münzquell among other things.  The Münzquell spoke to Sir Dagger about this earlier on and Dagger had members of East Blackwood attempt to look intro the Rumors themselves.  Alas nothing was found or learned.

On the final night of the Convent, the Regent of the Münzquell spoke at length about the issue with Sir Dagger while other members of East Blackwood danced and enjoyed the festivities of the evening.  As far as Dagger could tell, the issue of the rumors was resolved and should not be a problem.