Mythodea / Münzfest 2 by Dagger


This past weekend, the East Blackwood Embassy and East Blackwood Company visited Goldwacht for the Münzfest.  It was the hope of Ambassador Dagger that he could further discuss the state of affairs concerning their conflict with the Seal Empires. Varn and his companion Layla arrived in Goldwacht first as Dagger had issues with his horse and carriage.  When the Ambassador and Leader of the East Blackwood Company did finally arrive, it was late into the night on the first day of the festival. Still, this provided enough time to officially recruit Layla, Varn's companion, and speak to various people within the Münzquell about the ongoing situation.

Trade Relations

During several conversations with the Münzquell's trade minister Féwaé Méllinar Vitèz of the Leckerlis, Dagger learned what the Herold could have told him, the rest of Mythodea was following the Western Seal's trade ban on Münzquell. With most of Mythodea seemingly committed to the Embargo, it looks to be that the Münzquell are in for a harsh winter on the Bay of Heoylsos. As the Embassy must take a somewhat neutral stance in Mythodean politics so as not to harm Blackwood and Realms interests, there is little the Embassy, or the East Blackwood Company can do for Goldwacht.  Still, if there is something that can be done for the people of Goldwacht without doing harm to the emassies and or the East Blackwood Company, the E.B.Co will do it.

An example of the Trade Embargo appears in the Mytrasperan Herold as shown here:

Trade embargo against Münzquell - (As written in The Mytrasperan Herold)

The Realm of Roses announces that the trade ban decided by the Sovereign Council will be enforced immediately until revoked. This means that all deliveries of goods not approved by the court over land or over sea sovereignty of the empire are punishable by law.

Violation of this rule could result in the confiscation of the goods. Upper limits for smallest trade quantities are to be inquired in writing at the Reichskämmerei. As a rule of thumb, it may be considered that all quantities of goods which are useful to supply a larger

grouping or an entire city are affected by the trade prohibition, primarily customs cleared goods according to Pan-Mythodean trade agreement.

Bc Gerd Federknecht, scribe of the Reichskämmerei

Diplomatic Relations

During the Embassy's stay in Goldwacht, Ambassador Dagger had many long conversations with various people of the Münzquell on the subject of their situation in relation to the Ruler's Counsel of Mythodea. In general, there were two primary beliefs that came forward during these discussions. Dagger personally presented the arguments he had acquired in the North, West, and Realm of Roses as the opposing view. The embassy took no position itself rather than to discuss the views of the Münzquell and the rest of Mythodea.

The General Mythodean Argument apears to paint the Münzquell as akin to invaders with a different religious belief system than their own. As was described to Ambassador Dagger during the Summer Campaign this year by an officer of the Northern Empire, "The Münzquell have effectively taken a city belonging to the Ruler's Counsel, claimed it as their own, declared it autonomous and self-governing and asked that their decisions and actions be respected by the Ruler's Counsel.“  

To the Seals, their Archons and their Nyames, the Münzquell are invaders who demand their freedom to do so. They have refused the authority and rulership of the Counsel. They have even spoken blasphemy against the religion of Mythodea as a whole. In this the Beloved Children of the Elements are also against the actions of the Münzquell. The threat of a siege of Goldwacht remains ever present.

The beliefs of the people of the Münzquell seem to take two paths.  One is more extreme and the other more compromising. Some of the Münzquell believe very strongly that the time of the Ruler’s Council is over and that Archons and Nyames no longer hold the power to dictate law upon other settlers who have not sworn fealty to them. Through their Golden Heritage, the Münzquell seem to believe that it is the time of mortals and therefore the Quihen Assil are not those who the faithful should communicate with, rather one should directly communicate with the Kral Urien.  To many in Mythodea, this belief is considered blasphemy.  Indeed, talks of war are common.

Yet there are those among the Münzquell who believe in compromise.  They feel that their continued existence requires concessions with the Ruler’s Counsel.  With the shift in the course of fate and faith only time will tell what will become of the followers of the Golden Heritage.

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Goldwacht and the Münzfest

In contrast to the ever-present gloom of potential war and financial ruin, the City of Goldwacht stood proudly as it held its second annual Münzfest.  The festival boasted excellent sleeping accommodations, service, food, drink, and music.  Every other person in attendance seemed ready with a tune to sing at any moment. Seafarer's games were plenty as was the courtly atmosphere strong.  The smiths who were present offered lessons to those who showed interest while the taps in the tavern never ran dry.  With a wedding, the Rumtopf ladies and ballroom dancing the festival was a must-see for those wishing for a break from the hardships of war and labor.  Should the Münzquell stand proudly next year, the Embassy may like to visit again.  As one Münzqueller wished us to remember, "The Münzquell welcome all."