Mythodea / Lunorth


Lord Protector Victor T. Kettle

Lady Anna-Katharina von Rabenau sat down with Lord Protector Victor for conversation.  Victor told the story of how he became Lord Protector and why he is the kind of "dragon" he is.  In General, good relations continued although he did express a distaste for the East Blackwood Company's practice of keeping buyers and sellers confidential until agreements to meet have been made and payment has been exchanged. 

Lord Ravn of the Three Sisters

The Embassy, Lotti and other lords who were present spoke of marriage contracts.  One in particular contract was spoken of and that was that of the possible union of Lord Ravn and Lady Anna.  However, Lady Anna must first be a Sworn Citizen of Blackwood before she can be of use to the Crown.  Lady Anna has since written her oaths of fealty to the Crown.  The oaths are currently under review by the Legates East and West of the Kingdom of Blackwood.

Order of the Black Sun

Anna, a prominent Order alchemist, has agreed to mentor in alchemy, assist in alchemical needs and requests and, agreed to train in combat.