Mythodea / Jenseits der Siegel


Germany: The Blackwood and Realms Embassy will be attending the Convent of the Elements where several meetings will be taking place.

Every year the nobility, merchants, knights, chieftains and common folk gather in Bad Holzbrück for the Convent of the Elements. Here can one expect festivities, shops, games, politics, trade and much more. The Convent or (Jenseits der Siegel) is fast becoming one of the most important gatherings for the Embassy and East Blackwood company of the year.

Last year the Kingdom of Blackwood and The Realms celebrated the grand opening of the Embassy at Grian Quihenya in the Western Seal.  This gathering brought some fourty of more guests to enjoy wine, refreshments and the company of the Embassy’s staff.  Also during the Convent of the Elements, the East Blackwood Company and Mistraspernaische Hanse leaders officialy joined each other’s companies. To celebrate the various successes of East Blackwood and to thank its members, the East Blackwood Company held a „Company Party“ which started sometime on the third day of the Convent and ran into the next. 

The Southern Seal

This year, in light of recent events, the Embassy and E.B.Co. will be staying with the Southern Seal for the first time. Here they will continue to improve existing diplomatic and trade relationships but will also attempt to forge new relations in the South.

Jenseits der Siegel - Das Mythodea Ambiente Con
07.06. - 12.06.2022
Pfadfinderzentrum Immenhausen 34376 Immenhausen

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