Mythodea / Jenseits der Siegel


Germany:  The Blackwood and Realms Embassy will be attending the Convent of the Elements where several meetings will be taking place.

Every year the nobility, merchants, knights, chieftains and common folk gather in Bad Holzbrück for the Convent of the Elements. Here can one expect festivities, shops, games, politics, trade and much more. The Convent or (Jenseits der Siegel) is fast becoming one of the most important gatherings for the Embassy and East Blackwood company of the year.

Last year there was a conflict among the Elements which saw Ambassador Dagger, with his bodyguard Don Anthem, take the field in support of Terra in a combative conflict between the Elements, their tribal people and their followers. The conflict was judged by the Edelphi and in the end, after a long and hard fight, Terra and Aieris stood head to head. Last year also marked the confirmation of Kashele' Zress as Nyame of the North and the naming of Sophia von Seawacht as Nyame of the East.

The Western Seal

This year the Embassy and E.B.Co. will be staying with the Western Seal where they hope to improve diplomatic relations and further their enterprise among the trade networks of Mythodea.  It is also expected that the Baroness Sayeh of Sapphire Island will host a Tea and Wine Party at the Embassy camp.  

Sayeh of Sapphire Isle will be hosting a wine pairing on the second day of the Convent. Ambassador Dagger and Representative Djako will be present along with other East Blackwood Company and Embassy Guard staff. During the event, it is expected that the Ambassador, Dagger of Blackwood, and Sayeh of Sapphire Isle will make the official announcement of the opening of the East Blackwood Embassy in the Western Seal. 

Bad Holzbrück

Bad Holzbrück is a hub of international trade within Mythodea. As such it has become obvious that we will need to acquire a warehouse within the city to house wares should we need to during East Blackwood Company business.  

We will also be working on our potential merger with the Hanse, Sayeh's indoctrination into the Seehandelsgilde and other trade functions. 

Jenseits der Siegel - Das Mythodea Ambiente Con
19. bis 23. Juni 2019
Pfadfinderzentrum Immenhausen34376 Immenhausen

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