Mythodea / Iron Daggers


"Party" with the Iron Daggers

East Blackwood was invited to the Iron Dagger's new land within Lunorth, South West of Copperdale.  Sir Dagger, Bødvar and Westly Black attended the gathering.  After the opening speeches were concluded, titles were dropped for the festivities and those attending, including the Lord Protector, addressed everyone by their first names and at eye level. During the festivities, East Blackwood was made welcome and offered everything one could ask for concerning hospitality. 

Sir Dagger had a private conversation with Sir Raven, the leader of the Coterie of the Iron Daggers, where they discussed their wishes to continue and improve the reltionship between the two groups into the future.  Individual relationships were made and or deepened as well within both groups.  During the gathering, East Blackwood also assisted the Iron Daggers with their local troubles.  At the end of the gathering, East Blackwood left happy.