Mythodea/ Fortress of Diversity

Due to prior compalints and general, unfortunate, neglect, Sir Dagger of Blackwood made sure to have Kaela invited to the next function of Validar. There, however, was a misunderstanding with the messenger and Kaela, leader of the Fortress of Diversity, thought she was being summoned to military meeting only to find herself at a coronation of Barons without land.

The miscommunication proved dangerous for relationship between the Fortress and Validar. Bodvar, East Blackwood’s emissary to the Fortress, was informed of Kaela’s displeasure. Kaela was confused as to why she was summoned to a military meeting when it was in fact a coronation. She was also confused as to why barons were being crowned for land that was not yet claimed, for land that the Fortress was to assist in freeing from the Forsaken. She demanded that at least one of the new “Barons” treat with her in her camp at the eleventh hour the next day to explain or else the Fortress of Diversity would with draw all support for the crusade. Bodvar delivered the message to Lord Dagger. 

Lord Dagger met with his brother barons and gave them the news insisting that all three Barons meet with Kaela at that time. This was the advice that Bodvar Tock had given Dagger and advice he was committed to follow. The next day all three Barons arrived in the Fortress of Diversity Camp for their audience with Kaela. There, the banner leaders of the various groups within the Fortress were also present and introduced themselves. During the conversation that followed the Barons explained the reasons behind them being elevated to barons, reaffirmed their collective mission goal and answered all questions presented to them. At the conclusion of the meeting, Kaela announced that the banner lords would convene to discuss further details. 

The following day, two from the Fortress of Diversity including a Banner Leader came to the Validar camp to discuss the military plans in detail. Lord Dagger, Master Djako Kaevh and others answered any and all questions presented.