Mythodea / Fest der Funf


At the end of the summer of Realms Year 1020 (August 2020), the Markgraf Balor the Red if Zweiwasser and Stordan von Zackenberg hosted the Fest der Funf. To this gathering, friends and allies were invited to attend. The East Blackwood Embassy were among the invited guests. The location chosen for the gathering was on the southern edge of the Dornenholz forest some twelve miles from Schwazenbach.


Hackenrose Maneuver Review

During the Fest der Funf, a meeting was held to discuss the outcome of the Hackenrose Maneuver. There, points were addressed such as the need to quickly establish a full rank structure, communication issues, missing key information; such as whether or not the enemies were normal people or real, the strength of unity gained, the leadership of Sergeant Oswulf Marbrück and more.

One particular issue that was brought up which caused tension between the Gorasians and the Bogatyri was that of the use of steel during the Maneuver. The Bogatyri, under Nevjan, among others, used their normal weapons during the training maneuver while the Gorasians used wooden-training weapons. This, at one point coupled with a bit of confusion as to whether the enemy was real or not, led to some heavy injuries. The Gorasian representative went so far as to tell Nevjan of the Bogatyri that he should train his people better. Naturally tensions rose but were quickly cooled and nothing too dramatic came of the interaction.

Effectively it was agreed that a lot had been learned during the Maneuver and the exercise was labeled a success.  At the conclusion of the review, Oswulf Marbrück of Waldesleben was promoted Captain.


Six guests from Atteron were present as guests of the Margrave, three witches and two squires. Having the Attoroni present allowed many of the attendees to get to know the newcomers better and likewise the other way around. During a corruption of an Ignis Statue and several of the guests including Nevjan and the Margrave Balor himself, the Atteroni witches assisted in cleansing the infected.

Report of the People on Castellan Brecius

Sir Markus Tullius, First Knight of the Realm and Heinrich von Buntfeste, Edler des Reichs spent a long time traveling the Altmark of Zweiwasser speaking to the common folk, after the short lived rebellion, to gain an understanding of their grievances. These feelings and complaints toward the ruling class and, more specifically, Brecius the Castellan of Zweiwasser, were read to those gathered by the two nobles. The two reported that, according to the common folk, the militia was called to march through a harsh winter to Khal'Hatra to fight in the civil war there. During the March there were injuries, many permanent and at least one death. The people felt a distance from their rulers and some have even begun to call Castellan Brecius, Brecius the Black.

To this the Castellan answered that he would offer some of his time to meet with the people and address their complaints. In general, Brecius promised to be more present before the people of Zweiwasser.

At the end of the report, Ambassador Dagger added that East Blackwood and the East Blackwood Company had been recently recruiting in the region, giving them gainful employment, keeping them busy and hopefully pacifying some. "For this to be effective", Dagger said, "we need more housing." The ambassador suggested that that topic be discussed after in private.

Paintings by Marco Winter

Meeting with Castelan Brecius

Once Brecius had the time the Castellan met with Dagger at the Ambassador's tent. There, the subject of housing in the form of a small settlement was broached. Brecius wished that East Blackwood focus more on Zweiwasser and less on the Northern Seal. The ambassador agreed but for that to happen, more space would be needed. The Castellan agreed to find a suitable place where homes could be built in the near future.

Paintings by Marco Winter


Contract Suggestion and Trade Discussions

During the Fest der Funf, the East Blackwood Company's Sir Dagger of Blackwood and Castellan Briceus von Thalgrund met to discuss trade and land deals. This discussion was sparked by comments made by Sir Dagger at the end of Sir Markus Tullius and Heinrich von Buntfest's report on the grievances of the people of Zweiwasser. After suggesting that the gainful employment of the populace would likely aid in the overall disposition of the people, Castellan Briceus agreed to speak with Sir Dagger privately.

When the Castellan was able, he sat down with Sir Dagger in front of the Ambassador's tent.  They discussed trade and the potential construction of an East Blackwood settlement.  Various building and security projects are likely also to come in the near future.  What was not known fully by the E.B.Co prior to that discussion was that the river trade deal the East Blackwood Company had been working toward had gone to the Land Hanse.


Statue to Ignis
For Those Who Fought

After the egg from the Dragonfly Queen, which had been corrupting the temple shrine and those Ignis sensitive, had been destroyed and the taint of it removed, a blessing and dedication of a new statue was performed. Throughout the festival many people had volunteered to choose and take onto themselves to represent aspects. These people then presented the aspects and their interpretation of how they embodied them to those of Zweiwasser and their guests from Kalhatra. With the blessing of Nushafarin a noble Razash'Dai and Balthasar, Balors squire, they lit a torch and meditated on the statue, giving themselves, in part, over to it.

The statue holds four names for those who fought and for those who died doing so. On the front of the statue is an inscription and it reads as follows:

Stranger, to Asshan go and tell

We fought for Ignis

and two fell

Paintings by Marco Winter