Mythodea / Bødwar's Bash


As the summer slowly came to a close in Mythodea, Bødwar of the East Blackwood Embassy Guard hosted a birthday celebration with the help of his friend Tawarisch.  The gathering took place at a way station lodge south wear of Grain Qui'henya within the Western Seal of Mythodea.  The party was a private affair with only those personally known to Bødwar in attendance. 

Bødwar was given four challenges to complete by Sir Dagger of Blackwood and Ceallach of the O'Annid.  Two of the challenges were offered by Dagger and Cae while the other two were offered by two people of Bødwar's choosing.  When Bødwar completed his challenges, which represented a hunt, he was presented with his gifts;  Adventurer Extraordinaire Dark Ale and a three pony necklace.  The party continued on into the night with the usual drunken debauchery that would would hope to expect at any self respecting tavern while Bødwar found time to meditate before the nearby Terra Shrine and learn magic from a friend who was also a guest there.