Mythodea / Dragon Rose Banner



The Kingdom of Blackwood had lent its support and friendship to Margrave Balor of Zweiwasser and her people years ago.  When Balor stepped up to attempt to become Archon, Blackwood followed to aid as did Zweiwasser's other allies, Zackenberg, Mondenhain and Gorasia forming the Dragon Rose Banner. When the Archon trials took place, East Blackwood supported Margrave Balor the Red through military and healing support (fighting in Sir Varek's right flank) as well as by having "The Salty Stick" tavern next to the Court of Roses and Thorns.  East Blackwood also provided counsel when it was asked of them.


Sir Dagger and East Blackwood have assisted Zackenberg in the past with the Terra Tunnel missions and have worked with them on trade deals.  During the Archon Trails and the expedition into the Hohld this late spring, East Blackwood found themselves fighting alongside Zackenberg men and women often.


Relations with Mondenhein remained friendly throughout the Archon Trials.  Provided there had been more time, East Blackwood healers would have gone to Mondenhain for training.