Mythodea / Diplomacy Made Easy in Kahl'Hatra?


While many nations from Mythodea were once again called to serve the Elements in Kahl'Hatra, the united Crusaders of the Elements, Gorasia, East Blackwood, Zweiwasser, Thoringaard and other allies completed several scouting missions into East Kahl'Hatra and came together West Kal'Hatra to discuss the findings and the plan moving forward as well as aid in the regional conflict.  During the conflict in the forests of West Kahl'Hatra, the crusader camp worked to gather support, supplies and soldiers for the freshly started crusade as well as to plan the next for weeks of their campaign.  While there, the situation turned dark among the fighting to cleanse the area of Forsaken.

                       Painting by Hannah Gritsch

Conflict in the Forest

Many a Mythodean were called to the forest of West Kahl'Hatra via a dream of sorts.  The Crusade of the Elements pivoted a portion of their force to join them in hopes of collecting further scouting intelligence of the situation in East Kahl'Hatra as well as further support and supplies.  It was also a chance to test the crusade's ability to fight together, with Ser Antonius of the Realm of Roses as Marshal, as surely the forest had not called out for a picnic.  And as we all know, where there are no picnics there are surely Forsaken and Skargen. 

The maxim proved correct as the settlers found themselves dragged into a conflict to protect two special trees within the forest and the forest itself from Undead, Black Dynasty and Skargen. These very same trees were later healed and reconnected by the settlers.  Within the domain of the forest was also an artifact that the undead king Garvan had been searching for in hopes of making himself corporal in form,  a ring.  The settlers managed to claim this item as well after defeating a baron of the Undead Flesh.  

                       Paintings by Hannah Gritsch

The Naming of Validar

During an chaotic battle with Skargen, Black Dynasty and Undead Flesh, the Crusaders of the Elements took to calling themselves Validar naturally to helm them organize in the field.  The name has its roots in Kahl'Hatra lore where it is a mythical bird that eats dragonflies.  The name was seen by the Crusaders as fitting and later chosen unanimously as the name they shall carry into the war in Kahl'Hatra.

                             Painting by Burgschneider Photo Team

War Council, Crusade in Kahl'Hatra

The combined peoples of East Blackwood, Thoringaard, Gorasia and Zweiwasser sent word to the nations of Mythodea requesting their presence at a war council for the Crusade to liberate Kahl'Hatra.  After the initial start of the council was interrupted by problems in the forest, the second start a few hours later proved to be more successful. Sir Balor, Tarrin of Gorasia, Sir Dagger of Blackwood and Ser Antonius of the Realm of Roses hosted the council with aid from other key people within the Crusaders now known as Validar.

Representatives from many Mythodean nations attended.  Among those represented were the Western Seal, Realm of Roses, Münzquell and others.  Ser Balor the Red explained once more the reason for the Crusade and the need for it before scouting reports were collected and reviewed.  After, a plan for the next four weeks of the campaign was agreed upon.  Many representatives agreed to supply aid in at least supplies of which some will be collected at the Convent of the Elements after the initial four weeks. 

We at "The Ambassador" have been asked not to share details of deployments and troop movements for operational security.  The Forsaken and Skargen have eyes and Ears everywhere.

Assassination attempt on Lord Protector Darius

On the final day of the spring campaign to West Kahl'Hatra, a despicable individual made an attempt on the life of Lord Protector Darius of the Northern Seal, General of the Nothern Armies.  This act of aggression against a settler, an esteemed and well respected leader among the Northern Settlers is detestable.  However, "The Ambassador" is happy to report that Lord Darius lives and is expected to make a full recovery.  As of this moment no assassin has been caught for questioning nor is the identity of the would-be-murderer yet uncovered.  Once we have more information on this act, we will report it in our next articles.