Mythodea / Convent of the Elements / East Blackwood Embassy Opens!


Every year the Mythodea Town of Holzbrüch hosts the Convent of the Elements and one major Mythodea region serves as guest host.  This year the Western Seal were the guest hosts of the festival.  Every year the nobility, merchants, knights, chieftains and common folk gather in Bad Holzbrück for festivities, shops, games, politics, trade and much more. During this year's convent, the East Blackwood Embassy hosted a reception party for the opening of their Embassy in the Western Capital.  That story below.

East Blackwood Embassy Opens!

During the Convent of the Elements, dignitaries, nobles, merchants and friends from all over Mythodea were invited to attend the reception for the grand opening of the East Blackwood Embassy. The new embassy is located within the Western Seal's capital of Grian Quihenya. The embassy is officially open and will serve as the primary residence of Ambassador Dagger of Blackwood as well as a residence for guests, other Realms dignitaries and as a place of diplomacy and will serve as a consulate.

During the Grand Opening Reception, two-thirds of the invited parties were able to attend, and many brought with them other parties of interest, squires or company members. The event opened on the second day of the Convent with Representative Djako Kaevh greeting guests at the Banner of Silence and East Blackwood Camp. The hostess of the event, Representative Sayeh the Baroness of Sapphire Isle, greeted and guests after they had entered the camp. Ambassador Dagger explained to those gathered what was available to them during their stay, The Ambassador Newspaper, fruit, sweets, cheeses, breads, meats and five sorts of wine while Embassy Guards Marik and Varn served.

Dring the height of the social event the Nyame of the West, Siobhán NíCharthaigh, Margrave Balor the Red of Zweiwasser, Lord Protector Victor Kettle of Lunorth, Master Muriel, Tares O'Grady Windschreiter of the Mitrasperanische Hanse, Sir William Kutscher, Governor Frances Trebol of the Seehandelsgilde and Chattras the High Mayor of Blutgard were among the number of esteemed attendees. At the event's peak, Ambassador Dagger called for a calm as the hostess, Sayeh, gave a speech thanking all of those who had attended on behalf of Blackwood's king and of the Embassy in Mythodea. She also announced that the King of Blackwood would be getting married in the fall to which those gathered offered their congratulations. Ambassador Dagger then presented a gift to Sayeh for her support of the Embassy in Mythodea since its conception before ending the overall proceedings with the Blackwood Song not too long after to close out an afternoon of wine and good company.

The East Blackwood Embassy thanks all of those who were able to attend and hopes for continued-positive relations in the future.

Elements be with You!