Mythodea / Convent and Conflict

Every year at the town of Bad Holzbrück a gathering is held known as the Convent of the Elements. At the Convent, there is an arena where gladiatorial games are hosted as well as other festivities and the Pumpfball Championships. Also during the Convent are a verity of trade meetings and the meeting of the Ruler's Council to plan the summer campaign against the Forsaken. This year the Convent played host to drama, intrigue and conflicts galore.  Within the Crusade of the Elements Validar formed naming three barons and a duchess to lead them.  At the same time, there was a strong tension in the air that the available city watch had no hope of containing.

Paintings by Stefan Merchant and the Burschneider Team


  • Coronation of the Barons of Validar
  • Assassination Attempt Fallout!
  • Western Seal
  • Feste not Pleased
  • The Ruler's Council and the Naldar
  • Western Seal and Validar Come to Terms
  • Northern Trade Embargo LiftedMeeting with the Fortress of Diversity "Feste der Vielfalt"
  • Pan Mythodean Trade Conference and Crusade Supplies
  • Hanse Revitalized!

  • East Blackwood Company Dinner
  • East Blackwood Company Party and Wedding Theater!

  • The Crusader Barons Call for Duchess Candidates

  • Duchess Candidates Open Court

  • The Ceremony to Recharge the Shrine of the Five Elements

  • The Coronation of the Duchess of Validar

  • Duchess Vanadis Recognizes Djako Kaevh and Kaz a Bran

  • Beria de Eline and the Wardens of Knowledge
  • Back to War

Coronation of the Barons of Validar

At the start of this year's Convent of the Elements, Sir Balor the Red, Morningstaar of the Crusade of the Elements, spread the word that a gathering would take place within the Validar Crusader camp.  The reason, to ordain and crown the first three barons of Validar.  Validar, a people without land, fight the Crusade of the Elements with the feudal leaders, allies and supporters at their front. On the Convent, their leaders were made Barons.

The ceremony started at the the Elements Shrine in the Validar camp where Sir Balor led the proceeding in a dedication and prayer.  An Edalphi, Larell-Gaheris then blessed sacred oil. With the blessing complete, Sir Balor read the oath of the Barons and asked if Sir Dagger of Blackwood swore to it.  He did and the sacred oil was applied to his forehead. Sir Balor then crowned Sir Dagger, Lord Dagger, Baron of the people of East Blackwood.  Sir Varek, the former Baron of Zweiwasser, swore the same oath, received the same blessing and was crowned Baron of the people of Zweiwasser.  Tarin of Gorasia followed and was crowned Lord Tarin, Baron of the people of Gorasia.

Although many congratulated the new barons, many others questioned the act and its validity or necessity. Some were even angered by the act as it suggested that the crusaders had already claimed the lands currently known as Kahl'hatra for themselves...

Assassination Attempt Fallout!

A mother prior, on the final day of the spring campaign to West Kahl'Hatra, a despicable individual made an attempt on the life of Lord Protector Darius of the Northern Seal, General of the Northern Armies.  At first, East Blackwood was rumored to have been involved in the act.  Investigations were launched to discover the true culprit of the heinous act.  Over the course of the Convent of the Elements, before the truth of events were discerned, the Northern Seal showed a strong military presence around East Blackwood and reportedly gave them little warnings and points of advice on small bits of paper.  The eyes of the North were on East Blackwood until a resolution could be found.

Western Seal

Upon the crowning of the Crusader Barons of Validar, the Archon and Nyame of the Western Seal approached Sir Balor and the Barons.  A heated discussion followed about the acts and intent of Validar in Kahl'hatra.  Historically speaking, Much of Kahl'hatra had been land previously belonging to the Western Seal and the intent of possibly settle there spurned the rulers of the West.  His excellency Archon Collin was particularly angry.  However, with the assistance of the Nyame his anger was calmed as was calmed as was that of others present at the meeting.  The Archon and Nyame of the West later agreed to meditate on the land to learn of the true extent of their existing reach within Kahl'hatra. 

The intimidate fall out of the conflict was felt throughout the Conflict.  Validar reached diplomatic obstacles everywhere until a solution could be agreed upon.  Even the East Blackwood Company, charged with supplying the Crusade of the Elements, was blocked out of some trade deals and existing agreements during that time.  Lord Dagger of East Blackwood was seen taking down the Mitrasperanische Hanse banner in the Validar camp and removing his Hanse favor as well.  Luckily for Validar and the East Blackwood Company a solution and agreement would later be struck.

Feste not Pleased

At the Convent of the Elements, Kaela, Storm of the Feste, Commander of the Fortress of Diversity, was invited to attend the ceremony.  During the ceremony and at its conclusion, Kaela was reported to have been displeased.  The Feste had been asked to support the Crusade of the Elements and yet often felt as though they remained not fully informed about the strategy and intent of the war.  This matter would be addressed the following day of the Convent. When a delegation of the three Crusader Barons went to the Feste Camp to speak with Kaela and her Banner Leaders.

The Ruler's Council and the Naldar

Lord Dagger of East Blackwood was presented before the Ruler's Council as the Validar representative during the Convent of the Elements.  Sir Benedikt von Hohenwacht also spoke for Validar during the meeting. The Council was hosted by the Northern Seal in their Command Pavilion.  The gathered rulers and dignitaries from the Realms of Mythodea were present in mass.  Validar and the Crusade were one of the first subjects to be discussed at the meeting. Lord Sir Dagger and Sir Benedikt presented what the Crusade and Validar were and what the intent was.  Questions were then asked about the quest and answered.  One of the most notable questions and or conflicts that arose from the meeting was that of the Naldar. 

The Naldar felt as though possibly the Crusade was encroaching on their old homeland.  This sentiment was louder heard from other critics of Validar at the Convent than from the Naldar themselves but it did present a question the Crusade of the Elements had to answer if they were to appease the Rulers and make good on their claimed intent.  On the final night of the Convent, a meeting with the Naldar and Validar transpired. More on that later.

Western Seal and Validar Come to Terms

Throughout the next day, further talks between Validar and the Western Seal took place.  The Nyame reportedly mediated on the land deeply feeling for the limits of the Western Seal finding that it ended somewhere in the mountains in the center of Kahl'hatra.  In fact, Archon Colin of the Western Seal had not felt the Archon of the South when he stepped foot in East Kahl'hatra;  So much was confirmed by the Archon of the South himself before the Ruler's Council.  The new information allowed for a diplomatic resolution between the Crusaders and the Western Seal.  The West and the Crusaders will be able to work together in the future toward a common goal.  The resulting change in diplomatic positions allowed for the Mitrasperanische Hanse banner to fly once again from the Validar camp.

Northern Trade Embargo Lifted

Lady Anna-Katharina von Rabenau spent much of the first two days of the Convent working on relations with the Northern Seal in an attempt to mitigate further escalation of conflict.  This culminated in a meeting between Lord Sir Dagger of East Blackwood and Lord Protector Darius of the Waldtemplar and the Northern Seal. The three sat down together to discuss the events leading up to the assassination attempt, who was responsible and what words and threats had been spoken and by whom over the course of the past year.  The details of the conversation are not known but the results are.  Lord Protector Darius proclaimed the Trade Embargo lifted and active conflict ended.  If this current state of affairs will stay this way remains to be seen.

Meeting with the Fortress of Diversity "Feste der Vielfalt"

On the second day of the Convent of the Elements, all three Crusader Barons visited the Fortress of Diversity camp at the 11th hour.  As the meeting began the Crusader Barons introduced themselves to the leaders gathered in the Feste command pavilion and likewise the leaders of the Feste Banners introduced themselves.  The main question that had been in the air of the Convent was, "why crown barons when land is not held?"  The answer given was that the people needed strong leadership and so did the crusade itself.  The Crusader Barons would work to lead their people and provide allies and supporters of the Crusade with clear representatives moving forward.  As each of the three Validar Baronies are feudal in culture and philosophy, the title of Baron seemed appropriate although not all agree.

With that matter at least discussed, the meeting turned toward practical military matters.  The primary topic in that concern as one of logistics and supply.  Would the soldiers of the Fortress be guaranteed food, rations and supplies and how would the supply lines be maintained?  The Crusaders promised ample supplies would be acquired and were being acquired for the mission.  The logistics were also discussed but due to operational security we at "The Ambassador" have been asked not to print those details.

To conclude the meeting, Kaela announced that the Banner Leaders would be breaking to discuss internally how to move forward with assisting the Crusade.  Lord Sir Dagger suggested that the Banner Leaders could treat with him at any time to ask further questions about the campaign and its details thus far.  Later, after the conclusion of the Pan Mythodean Trade Conference, one such meeting took place.  By this time, Validar had good news to report.  Enough food rations were secured to last through the winter and deep into the following spring.  

Pan Mythodean Trade Conference and Crusade Supplies

Every year for the past few years, Raûl Mazhahk ân Oshead, Manca'quar des Reichs ddr Rosen, has hosted the Pan Mythodean Trade Conference.  This year's saw the largest turnout of merchants and customers to date.  It also included a brief violent conflict involving an alleged theft.  This interruption only slowed the opening of event. 

As the Trade Conference kicked off, customers, merchants and trade representatives of nations stormed the tables, trade goods and product samples.  The Crusaders, Validar, were present as well represented by Master Djako Kaevh, Master Merchant of the East  Blackwood Company and Khaz A Bran of the Sulfur Forges, Trade Officer of the Iron City and representative for Gorasia. Together Djako and Kaz a bran earned enough resources to found the Crusade of the Elements until at least spring.

Hanse Revitalized!

Starting the previous year, the Mitrasperanische Hanse has been hard at work rebuilding its trade organization throughout Mythodea.  With the disappearance of Tares O'Grady Windschreiter, the Leader of the Hanse, the organization worked tirelessly to consolidate their holdings after the Cataclysm.  During the Convent of the Elements the Mitrasperanische Hanse, consisting of of the See and Land Hanse, hosted their Hanse Convention.  Although the details of the Convention are a trade secret, the Hanse agreed upon new Statues and discussed important buisness matters including recruitment, ship inventory and Thousandwasser Haffen the latter currently under dispute with the Märkischer Bund.

As the Hanse Convention concluded, it was possible to bring new applicants to the Hanse for consideration.  Lord Sir Dagger of East Blackwood brought Master Djako Kaevh, Master Merchant of the East Blackwood Company and Khaz A Bran of the Sulfur Forges, Trade Officer of the Iron City, Lieutenant and Civil Officer 1st Degree of the GEG, son of Gelendeel of the Sulfur Forges Chief Runesmith of the Iron City and son of Zhu Xiaojin Metal Elementalist of the Iron City. Djako and Kaz a Bran both gained temporary membership until the new Hanse Statues are fully transcribed and implemented for use. 

East Blackwood Company Dinner

Every year at the Convent of the Elements, the East Blackwood Company meets for their yearly company meeting.  Since last Convent, this has been combined with a Company dinner.  Also since last year, the Meeting ended with the start of the East Blackwood Company Party; a tradition for four years so far. The Company had a lot to talk about but more importantly celebrate.  Life was getting more difficult for the Company and its members but the quest came first and the E.B.Co was pushing ever forward.

East Blackwood Company Party and Wedding Theater!

Last year's East Blackwood Company Party saw the company pull "Herr Phishness, the Nyam Nyam One" in an E.B.Co wagon laden with alcohol around Bad Holzbrück from tavern to tavern starting at the Golden Anchor.  This year's party saw the company play host to many guests in the Validar camp.  The festivities started with Wedding Theater which told the story of Makø and Bødvar Tock and their eventual marriage. 

The story started with Dagger and Bødvar, playing themselves, fighting the Fae of the Ancient world together and Ora of the East Blackwood Company playing their enemy Morgan.  This was followed by the arrival of Logaan and Makø's arrival in Mythodea and the Ancient world with a lack of Coins... and Bier!  The story ended with the wedding of Makø and Bødvar Tock and the wedding gift of the E.B.Co's Coins... and Bier, which was given without permission to the wedding couple by Lady Anna, played by herself. 

The entire theater was narrated by William Klatch. At the end of the play Makø Tock made sure to remind people that she still lacked, Coins! ... And Beer!

The Crusader Barons Call for Duchess Candidates

With matters such as Northern Seal trade embargo and military posturing, Western Seal anger and tension resulting in further trade and supply disruptions, confusion in the Fortress of Diversity over the naming of barons without land and the direction and goals of the Crusade of the Elements, rumors of the Naldar being unhappy with the direction of the Crusade and more, it was plainly clear that the Validar Crusaders needed strong central leadership.  They needed a figurehead that could perhaps grow into a head-of-state one day.  They needed a noble to create balance within the Crusader Baronies and be their diplomatic shield and guide in Mythodea. 

And so, the barons approached three noble ladies and asked them to become candidates to be the first Duchess of Validar;  Lady Sayeh of Sapphire Isle and East Blackwood, Lady Molly of Zweiwasser and, Lady Vanadis of the Phoenix Realm.

Duchess Candidates Open Court

The Validar Duchess Candidates were presented to the gathered people of Gorasia, East Blackwood and Zweiwasser.

After they were presented they introduced themselves.  Following that the crusaders were given time to ask any questions they wished of the candidates and all candidates and all three noble ladies were to answer each question. The questions asked were varried in nature including questions like "what will you do for the people of Validar" and "how would your respond to the diplomatic incident like that with the Freischaerler." 

After the questions had run their course the Crusaders and people of Validar were invited to get to know the Ladies better and to speak with the Crusader Barons about how they feel about each one, which they would prefer and why for their Duchess. After the Open Court concluded, there was near two days to speak to the Barons and Candidates and to observe them in their work while the Ladies Sayeh, Molly and Vanadis prepared for a ritual ceremony to recharge the Element's Shrine. 

The Ceremony to Recharge the Shrine of the Five Elements

Validar and the Crusaders were called to return at the seventh hour on the final day of the Convent to witness the Duchess Candidates perform their Shrine Ceremony.  As Validar gathered, so too did many from throughout Bad Holzbrück and Mythodea.  The ceremony started with Lady Sayeh making two two offerings. The first was the presentation of the Five Candles Ceremony which tells the story the heroes who brought down the beast known as the Pestilence Crab and of those who's flame had burned out forever in the act.  Lady Sayeh followed the story with the presentation of Lord Sir Vawn Coupant's first Knights of the Eternal Flame belt and his words to her about personal struggles and the betterment of self.

Lady Sayeh's presentation was followed by Lady Molly's who presented five artifacts, one for each Element.  The artifacts were rare relics and items which could be used in times of great need when the Shrine itself is unable to provide.  She followed this act with five bowls filled with small items representing the Elements.  Each person present was invited to take from one of the bowls and give an offering to the shrine and, more often than not, words of dedication.  This processes went on for some time as one by one guests and Crusaders came forward to offer their words and will.

Finally, Lady Vanadis came forward and delivered the final dedication. Vanadis delivered an impassioned speech that captivate the crowed.  It spoke from the heart and of the future.  It was a speech of hope and a new day.  With the words, dedications and acts made, the Ceremony was concluded.  The Crusader Barons then retired to a private meeting where they discussed who they would crown to be their new Duchess.  One our later, the people would once again gather for the decision and coronation.

The Coronation of the Duchess of Validar

One hour later, the Crusader Barons of Validar, Sir Balor the Spiritual and Moral Guide of the Crusade of the Elements, the crusaders, people and guests convened for the decision and coronation.  With all gathered, each Baron spoke about one of the Ladies before them.  Lord Sir Dagger of East Blackwood spoke of Lady Molly of Zweiwasser.  He spoke of her ability to spoke to the sentiments of the layman and her grounded demeanor.  Lord Ser Varek of Zweiwasser then spoke of Lady Sayeh of Sapphire Isle and East Blackwood.  He spoke of her ability to read fine details in everyone she observes and the love the people had for her.  Finally, Lord Tarin of Gorasia spoke of Lady Vanadis of the Phoenix Empire's diplomatic ability and experience as well as her drive to bring balance to Validar and the Crusaders.

As the kind and well earned words hung in the air, Lord Tarin stepped forward and delivered the Baron's decision:  Lady Vanadis. Tarin stepped back and Sir Balor, the Crusade's Faith Leader, stepped forward and asked Lady Vanadis to knee before the Shrine of the Elements and she did with grace and humility.  Sir Balor spoke the words of the Duchess's Oath asking if Vanadis would live for Validar.  She swore to do so and was blessed with sacred oils. Lady Elene' the Fire Dancer presented a circlet on a pillow to Sir Balor which he took and placed on Vanadis's head. 

Lady Vanadis rose, Duchess Vanadis of Validar.

Duchess Vanadis Recognizes Djako Kaevh and Kaz a Bran

As Vanadis's first act as Duchess, she called Master Djako Kaevh and Kaz a Bran von den Schwefelessen forward.  She recongized their hard work and success in acquiring ample supplies for the Crusade's first year and presented them both with gifts, tokens of her and the Crusade's appreciation.

Bødvar named Investigator of Validar

As the day wore down to a close there were still important matters to tend to.  As the core of the Crusade, Validar, was forming it was going to need its own Investigator less one be appointed to them by the Ruler's Council.  Bødvar "BeerHunter" Tock put his name forward for the duty and Lord Sir Dagger supported this candidate.  Ser Maron of Zweiwasser stepped forward presenting himself for the role as well.  Unfortunately for the two candidates, only one could be the primary Investigator.  Ultimately, with the Duchess's instance that the investigator role is not the best for a Knight, Bødvar Tock was named Investigator of Validar as part of the Investigators of the Ruler's Council with Ser Maron as his second. 

Beria de Eline and the Wardens of Knowledge

During the Convent of the Elements, with the assistance of Tawar of the Thoringard, Beria de Eline worked to forge an organization of knowledge seeking and research.  By the end of the Convent Beria managed to accomplish seals and signatures from most of the major Mythodean Realms with the notable exclusion of the Northern and Southern Seals.

Back to War

The Convent of the Elements proved to be a respite for many of the attendees but as the festivities came to a close, it was time to return the troubles plaguing Mythodea and beyond.  The Crusaders were to return to their respective areas of operation in the Crusade of the Elements to cleanse Kahl'Hatra.  The small delegations that had been sent to needed to return to their supply lines, their ships, their war camps and or to prepare for the first major push into the lands presently dominated by the Black Dynasty.  The War does not wait...