Mythodea / Construction of "The Salty Stick" Tavern


Mythodea / Construction of "The Salty Stick" Tavern:  Construction of "The Salty Stick" Tavern and renovation of the Black Pier has begun and is expected to be completed by the spring of next year!  A grand opening celebration, The First Night at the Salty Stick, will take place on opening night.  The tavern is expected to be open throughout the day prior to the celebration to ensure that visitors and honored guests do no go parched as they wait.  The Realms tournament, The Corsican Mug, will be hosted during the opening day of the tavern to entertain guests and the hosts. 

At the Convent of the Elements, Summer of the Realms Year 1019, Marik Fulgrimso of the Embassy Guard voiced his interest in running a tavern.  The suggestion was made by Dagger of Blackwood, the Leader of the East Blackwood Company, that he take over East Blackwood Company operations on the Black Pier.  If Marik were to do this, he would first have to renovate the pier to optimize it for use.  Without a steady flow of traffic from the river and land, the tavern would not be able to thrive.  Marik agreed to the idea and took on the responsibility immediately after moving to Blackwood House in Drachenbrück Zweiwasser

The Salty Stick

After Marik agreed to Dagger's terms, plans for a tavern began.  Its name was taken from a jest that transpired during the East Blackwood Embassy's Grand Opening Reception.  The name of, The Salty Stick, was chosen as a dedication to the person who aided in the name's discovery, Fia of the Bracar Keltoi. With that concept of the Salty Stick was born.

Marik Fulgrimso of the Embassy Guard has since overseen the renovation of the Black Pier optimizing it for more riverboats.  The renovations have been completed allowing Marik to focus the East Blackwood Company's efforts on completing The Salty Stick tavern.  Marik is optimistic and insures the East Blackwood Company and the registered guests for the First Night that everything will be ready come the day and night of celebration.  Fia will be there for the dedication and we hope the Kutchergilde as well.

Zottelbärte Ale

The matter of financing and stocking the tavern was a clear concern when planning for the tavern's construction and business.  During a meeting over the finalization of a trade contract with Ingra and Master Muriel, the dwarves came to an agreement with the East Blackwood Company.  A large sum of Zottelbärte ale would be used as payment for the most recent contract made with the E.B.Co and would intern be used as the new tavern's primary ale.  Zottlebärte Ale will be available for all guests of The Salty Stick.

Reception Wine List

This past summer the East Blackwood and Realms Embassy celebrated the opening of the Embassy at Grian Quihenya in the Western Seal. The Embassy hosted some 40 guests and provided them with light food, sweets, The Ambassador newspaper, and wine.  Lots of wine.   That same wine card will be offered at The Salty Stick.


The matter of financing the construction site remained.  At first, the Groll family made an offer but their business practices proved to be of ill-repute and all business with the Groll's was ended. Later Dagger, the leader of the East Blackwood Company, met with the Kutchergilde to ask them if they would be interested in investing to which they agreed to pay up to 80% of the costs.

Kutscher Stammtisch

As the Kutschergilde helped finance the renovation of the Black Pier and the Construction of The Salty Stick tavern, Dagger of Blackwood saw it fit to offer a reserved area within The Salty Stick where the Kutscher would be served as honored guests.


With plans and investors in place, permission to build came next.  Members of the East Blackwood Company spoke with Biricus, Zweiwasser's acting master of coin, to discuss terms. Later during a meeting with the Margrave Balor the Red of Zweiwasser, Dagger pitched the ongoing idea which was promptly accepted. Bricius was informed of the decision to which he requested written and drawn plans for construction as well as the company's method of financing the project.

The First Night at the Salty Stick:  For more information, follow this link.  The East Blackwood Company looks forward to seeing you at our First Night at the Salty Stick.