Mythodea / Conquest of Mythodea


Germany: The time has come for the summer campaign in Mythodea. The Blackwood and Realms Embassy, and the East Blackwood Company will be attending.

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The long war against the Forsaken saw a positive turn in recent years with the destruction of the Mirror World and the defeat of the Herolds. Yet even in victory, the shadow of trouble remains on the horizon as rumors of new enemies threaten to destabilize the already troubled Mythodea. 

Champion of the Guard Tournament

Current Champion:  Eridan Crabsbane

Last year Eridan Swiftblade, now Crabsbane, won the first Champion of the Guard Tournament.  At the start of Conquest, the Embassy will be hosting its second annual Champion of the Guard tournament.  Members of the Guard will be able to attend which means that anyone else who wishes to attend can sign a contract to become a member of the Gaurd.  However, if one wins then they are automatically required to serve as Champion of the Guard for a year until the next tournament.  

This year, Eridan Crabsbane will have to defend his title of Champion in the tournament.  

The Tournament:  (Subject to Change)

One-Handed Weapon

Weapon and Shield

Free Weapon Choice

Free Weapon Choice Armored

03. August -07. August 2022 - Rittergut Brokeloh

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