Mythodea / Conquest of Mythodea


Germany: The time has come for the summer campaign in Mythodea. The Blackwood and Realms Embassy, and the East Blackwood Company will be attending.

Prior to the Summer Campaign, the East Blackwood and Reams Embassies, as well as the East Blackwood Company, were spread all over the far east. Ambassador Dagger with his guard Varn left from Blackwood House in Zweiwasser, the heart of the Realm of Roses and Mythodea. From the Eastern Seal at Porto Maria Commander Anthem, Medina, Enya, Reginald and, Annabel sailed around the coasts of Mythodea and traveled West. From the East Blackwood Embassy in Grian Quihenya the capital of the Western Seal, Duke Beria, the mage Cordovan, and Eridan traveled West by land to the ports. Lastly, representative Djako of the East Blackwood Embassy escorted Dignitaries of the Realms Embassy Einar and Byr from the World of the Dragon (Drachenfest) to the West of Mythodea. 

Together, the East Blackwood Embassy, Realms Embassy and, East Blackwood Company will sail 200 miles West to a remote island for the Summer Campaign. 

The long war against the Forsaken saw a positive turn in recent years with the destruction of the Mirror World and the defeat of the Herolds.  Yet even in victory, the shadow of trouble remains on the horizon as rumors of new enemies threaten to destabilize the already troubled Mythodea. 

Fjordstadt, der Aufbrück

The Ambassador's bodyguard, Don Anthem De'Vigil started his journies within Mythodea as a member of Fjordtstadt.  As he may be leaving Mythodea at least for a time after this year, we will be camping with the Fjordtstadt as a show of solidarity with Anthem.  The Fjordtstadt will be found in the Banner of the Explorers. 

Champion of the Guard Tournament

At the start of Conquest, the Embassy will be hosting the Champion of the Guard tournament. Members of the Guard are able to attend which means that anyone else who wishes to attend can sign a contract to become a member of the Gaurd.  However, if one wins then they are automatically required to serve as Champion of the Guard for a year until the next tournament. 

The Tournament:

One-Handed Weapon

Weapon and Shield

Free Weapon Choice

Free Weapon Choice Armored

Conquest of Mythodea

31.07. bis 04.08.2019

Rittergut Brokeloh

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