Mythodea / Cliff Fall on West-Rosen Pass


Cliff in the West-Rosen Pass callapses on road killing Horses!

During high summer, a dosen East Blackwood guards, merchants, tradespeople including Sir Dagger and Lady Sayeh road out from Zweiwasser traveling along the Blauer Storm river south to Schönweiler. There they collected more supplies and headed West over the West-Rosen Pass road. Once they reached the switchbacks leading up and over the mountains the ground began to shake and part of the cliff face broke way crushing a supply and personnel, wagon killing one horse and seriously injuring another. 

The East Blackwood Company wagon driver had been able to jump free of the falling rock saving his own life but the supplies were lost and the road was blocked.  After investigating, the E.B.Co was relieved that the road itself was only lightly damaged and that after a few days of hard work would be cleared again.