Mythodea / Campaign Beyond Ice


This year during the height of the campaign season, the armies of Mythodea marched south to confront King Garvan and his Undead Flesh armies.  King Garvan had found a strange artifact that served as a gateway to the deep South.  The settler's quickly learned that the machine could create a portal to a location deeper in the Southern Continent.  The Mythodean settler's learned of this fought to procure the machine. 

The Construct, Der Koloss

The construct, Der Koloss, an artifact of great power, was reported to have been drawing magic power and Elemental energy from Mythodea, making the land sick. Both King Garven and the Mythodean Settlers struggled to claim this machine.  Once in the hands of the Settlers, the Armies of Mythodea reportedly called on the Elements using their power to shut down the machine to stop it from draining Mythodea further and to allow Mythodea to heal.   A rumored added effect of shutting down the machine was that it also ended the "Fog" which has for so long surrounded and protected Mythodea from the outside lands and worlds. This seems to have been justified as a means to thwart Garven's plans.

As of now this story is still developing.  We at "The Ambassador" will continue to correct the story as more information becomes available.

The Black Dynasty and other Rumors

The Black Ice or now the Black Dynasty (Ice with Emotions), as the are now known, claim that as long as the Settlers of Mythodea attack them, they will only defend themselves. They currently claim to want a truce and rough peace.  How this will affect the situation in Kahl'Hatra with the Crusade of the Elements remains to be seen.

Void is rumored to be back´ to have returned to Mythodea.  

Of the Pestilence there is a new species that needs to find its place. They are reportedly peaceful until you attack them.

Knighting of Bodvar Tock

At the Summer Campaign R.C.Y 1023, Kaela, the Storm of the Fortress, Knighted Bødvar Tock as a Knight of the Storm. The knighting came after years of support, diplomacy and friendship. Bødvar was assigned to the Fortress of Diversity as an Emissary of Blackwood a few years prior and since then he has befriended a great many of the Feste. He has fought with them and bled beside them. Know, he is a knight of their order.

A Call for Ignis Folk

A large gathering of Ignis followers performed a ritual at the end of the Summer Campaign where they sent a powerful message into the Spheres, calling for a new elemental tribe of Ignis. The ritual appeared to be successful but the results are yet still unknown.

Saving of Adam von Winterfeld

A year ago, the tall, broad and hansom, Baron Adam von Winterfeld, a Lord Protector of the Northern Seal, was lost to the Dragonfly Queen.  Reports claims that he had thought that he could learn important information that would help combat the Dragonfly Queen and Black Ice if he went to them.  This idea was reportedly not popular among the Northern Seal's citizens and rulers.  Adam was corrupted by the Dragonfly Queen when he made the attempt but signs of his true self still shown through on rare occasion.

During the Convent of the Elements, Adam von Winterfeld arrived stoic and stern in Bad Holzbrück.  The corrupted Adam was stopped at the gate of the Validar camp and surrounded by settlers who questioned him.  What Adam replied at first was in his Black Ice-stoic manor.  He stated that he wanted to visit the funeral of a... friend, but that the Northern Seal would not allow him near.  This led to further and deeper questioning by those who knew him well causing a true and tortured Adam to come out for a moment.  He cried for help and in regret of what he had done but soon after the corruption of the Essence took over once more.

During the Summer Campaign this past summer, the bond/connection between Adam von Winterfeld and the Dragonfly Queen was severed harshly.  Adam is once again himself but a shattered self like broken glass. He reportedly needs to be assisted and healed further as well as be cleansed with Aqua, drop-by-drop.  Lady Anna Katharina von Rabenau has been ordered to be close to Adam to provide mental and emotional support.