Mythodea / Blutpackt

The Blutmarschal Kalila vom Blutpackt was hosted as a special guest a few times at the East Blackwood camp and Salty Stick tavern.

After being introduced personally, Beria de Eline continued to work on relations with the Ramo and Fapster vom Schattenpackt of the Blutpackt primarily through means of trade. 

Beria and Gideon also began relations with the Eisenenfaust by brokering the food trade deal between Don Martines Rambo, Master of the Coins of the Northern Seal and Liam Ruler of the Iron Fist (allies of the Bloodpack) based in the Markischen Bund.

Logaan assisted the Blutpackt when he was caught in an ambush with them.  He assistand Tjark as much as he could but the enemy were too many and Logaan suffered a serious wound.  The Blutpackt brought Logaan back to their camp where they healed him.

Makø Tock and Logaan performed a dance for the Blutpackt and, as everyone was leaving the Hohld, Logaan was able to deliver a gift from the Duke of Aven to a woman of the Blutpackt.