Mythodea / Bluthatz 3


Germany:  The Bluthatz serves as the first hunt of the year. The first blooding.  A right of passage some could say, the Bluthatz offers battle, drink, song, dance, hunt, and blood.  Although it is in one of the colder months of the year, one can camp or rent a space in one of the heated huts.  A further attraction to the location is the Zuba or tub and the sauna which can be used for the duration of the event.  

Last year Dagger attended Bluthatz 2 where he did all of the above-mentioned things. More importantly, though, it was where Dagger laid the foundations of the East Blackwood Company by cultivating a good relationship with the Kutschergilde.

Bluthatz 3

Tenting Space 60€

Hut Sleeping Space 100€

Varreler Straße 9 49419 Wagenfeld

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