Mythodea / Archons and Heretic Saints


The call to arms came from the Southern Seal and Mythodea answered. Though resources were short and supplies limited, an allied host of fiefdoms, cities and Seals marched South deep into the Hohld once more to learn how to claim victory over Ankar Mortis and to strike a blow against the Undead Flesh. In this the host was successful but at what cost?


During the campaign to the Hohld and the wandering camp of Harromore, two Archons were to be chosen in trials of combat, leadership and humility, the Archons of the Middle and South. The East Blackwood Embassy and Company traveled with the Realm of Roses and, with the help of supplies brought by Lady Sayeh from Sapphire Isle far far to the West, hosted a tavern where warriors, nobles, crafts persons and camp followers could get a drink, perhaps something to eat, and relax after the stresses of war and loss. From next to the Court of Roses and Thorns, East Blackwood supported the Margrave Balor the Red for Archon... But, Count Vincent of Sagara would claim victory, scepter and throne after all was said and done.


The first two days of the campaign involved both the War with the Forsaken and the Archon Trials for both the Realm of Roses and the South. After the trials were explained by those chosen to be Voices of the Elements, East Blackwood opened "The Salty Stick" mobile tavern.  There, before the majority of the East Blackwood had returned to camp, a guest from the Iron Daggers was attacked by what is believed to have been a Royal Hunter of the Undead Flesh.  Commander Anthem of the Embassy Guard tightened security as best he could following the incident but something must be left understood, it happened at a tavern in the middle of a war-zone in a war camp of no more than 300 people.  How much security could be expected was dependent on the organization of the Realm of Roses and the Blutpakt who made up the majority of those camped there.

The second day picked up both in trial and in battle frequency.  Toward the end of the day of fighting the Forsaken, Captain Aiden Bellof the Freischaerler was captured.  Sir Dagger attempted to rally what was left of East Blackwood and others around him, including the other Freischaerler, in an attempt to recover the captain but, as later reports would have it, it was too late.  News reached the camps later that Captain Aiden Bellof of the Freischaerler had succumbed to his injuries while in captivity.

Painting by:  COUCH@TAKE-A-SEAT.AT

The Archon Trials concluded with the candidates community with a glowing tree high upon a hill.  Count Vincent Vermilion of Sagara was named the new Archon of Thorns.  Long live the Archon.

On the final day of the campaign into the Hohld, East Blackwood escorted the Nyame of the Roses, Neom to the main body of the war camps.  To do so, East Blackwood and individual members of the Realm had to fight through an Undead Flesh assault force.

Cerena, the beloved of Saint Barnabas of the Undead Flesh, was destroyed during a large battle deep in the Hohld but she did not go alone.  To destroy Cerena and stop her from hiding Barnabas forever, and thus removing the ability for the armies of the Elements to destroy him, the Razash´Dai had to sacrifice themselves ending the Elemental People of Ignis.

New Sworn Citizen of Blackwood

At the end of the campaign to the Hohld, Lady Anna-Katharina von Rabenau was brought before Bødwar "BeerHunter", Djako Kaevh, Lady Sayeh of Sapphire Isle and Sir Dagger of Blackwood.  Lady Anna had sworn her oaths to the Crown and Lands of the Kingdom of Blackwood earlier this year but the decision of her Sworn Citizenship rested in the hands of the Legates of the East and West, Sir Dagger and Lady Sayeh respectively.  This meeting served as the final decision making process where all four Sworn Citizens present asked questions of Lady Anna.  After answering each question, Lady Sayeh was the Legate who needed convincing and she made her final decision in that moment offering Lady Anna-Katharina von Rabenau her Sworn Citizen document.  Together the four welcomed their new sister into the Kingdom of Blackwood.


Marik Fulgrimson Named Man-at-Arms to Lady Sayeh of Sapphire Isle

At the start of the campaign into the Hohld, Lady Sayeh explained that, as a squire of the Knights of Blackwood, she was not yet able to take a squire of her own or wield a knightly blade but as a lady she could take on a Man-at-Arms who could carry for her until such a time as she earned her knighthood and could carry it herself.  Lady Sayeh called Marik Fulgrimson of the East Blackwood Company and Embassy Guard and asked him if he would be her Man-at-Arms and carry her sword for her.  He accepted.