Mythodea and The Realms / Open Letter to the King of Blackwood


After a short campaign in Nova Bretonia, in the Western Seal of Mythodea, his Excellency wrote this open letter of praise to the King of Blackwood concerning the service Blackwood provided, specifically highlighting one of the Embassy's guards, Captain Varn of CrestGrath.

Open letter to his Majesty the King of Blackwood:

Your Majesty, King Kerrell,

During a recent and short campaign, I have had the pleasure of being accompanied by your Majesty's delegation to the Western Seal. The campaign might have been short, lasting approximately a week, it was very eventful. Questions of identity, corruption, justice, and redemption played key roles in it. Fortunately it ended as an overall victorious one, in part thanks to your Majesty's men and woman.

One of them specifically, does a lot of honor to the delegation and your Kingdom as a whole. This is Captain Varn of CrestGrath. The Captain has been instrumental as an excellent prosecutor in a major trial, and has fought well and bravely on the field of battle. While he may not yet have extensive experience as an officer, he clearly has the makings of an exceptional one. Not only is he well spoken and well respected, but he shows an amount of general cunning and grasp of strategy (both on and off the battlefield) that is uncommon even with experienced officers. Thanks to his honorable acts, the standing of your Majesty's delegation has certainly gone up. May you cherish such an officer.

For the acts of your Majesty's delegation in this campaign you have my sincere gratitude.

May the elements keep you,

Sir Jean-Louis van Heutse Weinveld,

Lord Voice of the West,

Knight of the Word of the Knights of the West,

etc, etc, etc....

Virtus Fidesque Corona