Mythodea and the Ancient World / Morgan's Genocide


Morgan(a) found Guilty of Genocide, Abduction, Corruption and Torture!


After a week long campaign against Morgan(a) of the Ancient World, the half fey mage was finally captured and brought to answer for her crimes. Captain Varn of East Blackwood's Embassy Guard served as prosecutor with Bødwar as council from the same. Captain Sküld of Ragnorock acted as Morgan(a)'s defense. The jury was made up of various nobles and or leaders from the Banner of Silence; including Lady Azela, Ragnorock, Nova Bretonia and, from East Blackwood was Sir Dagger of Blackwood. His Excellency the Voice of the West took his place as judge.

Morgan(a) was found guilty of all charges but spared execution. Instead she was exhiled from her dying world to a Western Seal forest in Mythodea where she would be required to serve and protect her people as well as the people of Mythodea until she saved at least as many lives as she had taken. Captain Varn was dissatisfied with the decision and effectively light punishment for the crimes committed. "This sets a poor precedent for the future as this case will be reviewed and referenced in future trials."

Appearance of a Portal

An archaic gateway appeared recently in the Western Seal fiefdom of Nova Bretonia.  The portal was a concerning addition to the recent events throughout Mythodea.  Diseases have been rumored to be coming out of the North while all over extreme weather, heat, earthquakes, floods and other such disasters have taken place.  The Ri of Nova Bretonia requested aid from his allies to help investigate and deal with this new occurrence and potential threat.  His Excellency, the Voice of the West, Jean Jean-Louis sent a letter to Blackwood House in Zweiwasser requesting the aid of Lady Sayeh of Sapphire Isle.  In her stead Sir Dagger, Captain Varn, Eridan Crabsbane and other members of the Embassy Guard were able to answer the call.

Proceeding the first arrivals, court was held to discuss what was to be done about the gateway and who would support in the endeavor.  Sir Dagger of Blackwood offered the support of himself and the Embassy Guard on behalf of Lady Sayeh who's mission it had been.  A plan to investigate the portal was prepared with East Blackwood offering to be the first through should they managed to open it safely.

Abductions of Key Persons 

Before the mission to test and investigate the portal and what was on the other side could be fully implemented, people started disappearing.  Lady Gerianne the daughter of the Ri, Gazgul of the Banner of Silence and Dame Nymea of the same and Knight of Nova Bretonia were among the first to vanish causing a panic among those gathered in Nova Bretonia.  An order was made after these disappearances that no one was to venture outside of the hall alone. Still, others began to vanish as well.

Lois, Tersius and Tanys (the Isenden copy also known as Beta) went missing even after the order. This began to shake the already near panicked people. The fragile state of the Western allies and East Blackwood was brought to the breaking point when his Excellency Jean-Louis went missing as well. This forced Captain Sküld of Ragnorock to act who appeared to be personally responsible for the well being of the Voice.  

She gathered Ragnorock before the gateway and prepare to attempt to enter it in search of the missing Voice of the West.  Sküld did not appear willing to wait long. Sir Dagger turned back to, at the minimum, get his shield before entering the portal. As he did, however, he vanished as well. This spurred Blackwood as well to get into full armor and prepare for the worst.

All of the captured parties had been brought to a laboratory of Morgan(a) where they were tortured both physically and magically for information about what they were doing, where they were from, who they served and other such items of importance.  During the torture it had become clear that Morgan(a) had a clear and deep hatred for humanity and wished only total vengeance on them. With the assistance of the White Lady Pesta, Sir Dagger and Lois was corrupted to fight for Morgan(a) alongside Pesta and Bolg while she pulled everyone in the area through the gateway and into the ancient world.

Sir Dagger and Lois were subdued and the rest were saved but not before Morgan(a) closed the portal back to Mythodea behind them.

Corruptions and Conflicts 

During the course of the next couple of days repeated corruptions of varying degrees continued to occur as well as attempted assassinations of both the Ri Isenden and the Voice of the West Jean-Louis.  Sacrifices were made to save others and then those sacrificed were gambled for.  During a skrimish between Morgan(a), her people and the Westerners with East Blackwood, his excellency Jean-Louis managed to stab Morgan(a) with a knife that would later become the only weapon that could harm her.  In one such clash, Eridan Crabsbane, the Champion of the Embassy Guard and Slayer of the Crab of the Pestilence, stood firm against the beast, Bolg only being dropped to the ground when Bolg out powered him.

Tensions and distrust ran high throughout these starting days within the ancient world.  In spite of this, the search for answers and solutions persisted.  The laboratory of Morgan(a) was even found and investigated by Pinacle of the Banner of Silence.  Runes were found and collected which would later be needed to open the portal.


It did not take long to learn that Morgan(a) had been doing for centuries, genocide. With magic and powerful minions Morgan(a) had waged war on human kind.  As her war blazed she killed children and her own kind as well.  Later this was confirmed when an East Blackwood scouting party discovered that an elven people who had been in contact with the Western Seal had been slaughtered.  In a skimish against Morgan(a) it appeared that reason this was happening was because she considered them to be traitors.  

Morgan(a) Attempts to Kill Ri Isenden

In the evening a few days into bring trapped behind the portal, Morgan(a), in a fit of rage, made her presence know when she entered the hall and attacked Ri Isenden, "now you watch as your Ri dies before you!" With sorcery, Morgan(a) appeared to crush the soul of the Ri.

Ri Isenden was rushed to a more comfortable area within the building where the four groups combating Morgan(a) operated from.  There healers from Ragnorock poured energy into the Ri.  When that appeared to not be enough, Ambassador Dagger offered to attempt the same only he also gave his own energy into the healing which caused him to collapse. This effort seemed to work as the Ri once again gained consciousness. Sir Dagger was first saved by Bødwar of the Embassy Guards and then again by Pinacle of the Banner of Silence.

East Blackwood Receives Reinforcements

On the third day of the campaign, Captain Varn and Medina of the Embassy Guard arrived in the Ancient World with many of the supplies that had been left behind when Sir Dagger and the others were pulled into the Old World against their will.  Their weapons were removed and they were checked for corruption using a technique learned over the past few days. Once they were cleared, their weapons were returned to them and they were permitted to return to their roles.

Wedding of Tanys (Beta)

Ri Isenden and Tanys are two halves of the same person.  Rumor had it that Tanys was more corrupted by Morgan(a) than Isenden so the idea was suggested that Tanys get married to Ciel and Azraelle of Nova Bretonia to help break the connection Morgan(a) had with Isenden.  The bond between Ciel, Azraelle and Isenden was said to be strong so the suggestion was put into motion and Tanys agreed. A wedding took place between the three which was sealed by gifts and dancing.  The exact effects of the wedding were not immediately apparent.

A Meeting with the Fey?

During the forced campaign into the Ancient World, some of the non-humans had been in contact with the Fey.  They had been attempting to sway the Fey away from Morgan(a) at the very least if not against them.  This was not happening fast enough for the increasingly troublesome events so, a plan was set into motion to go to them and call them to speak with those who were not human.  Should they decide to speak, the non-humans would request that West's highest diplomat, a human, instead; his excellency Jean-Louis the Voice of the West.

Several members of Ragnarok, Sir Dagger of Blackwood and Raziel the Prium Geard of Nova Bretonia were met, not by the Fey exactly, but by Morgan(a), Bolg, Pesta and the Messenger of Death.  Morgan(a) was arguing with Death when they appeared. One of the people of Ragnarok spoke requesting that his excellency Jean-Louis be permitted to speak on behalf of those gathered.  Morgan(a) was displeased by the messenger agreed.  The messenger wished to watch the debate or argument that followed between the Voice of the West and Morgan(a) in order to judge who was the bigger threat to the balance.  He made his decision at the argument's conclusion and took Raziel with him, vanishing before those present.

Dealing with Death

During the time that followed, the Voice of the West, Lady Azela and others met with the messenger of Death to discuss a deal to save the lives of Raziel, Lady Gerianne, Jean-Louis and Azela.  The discussions were private but the overall outcome became apparent by the end of the campaign. 

Death of Ernesta

To save another, Ernesta, who had been one of the four herolds of the end, famine, offered herself as a sacrifice to save another and to help keep the balance with Death.  Sküld of Ragnarok accepted to do the dark deed herself and did so with great sorrow.  First a somber version of "The Western Ribbon" was sung to lull Ernesta into a calm state after she had drunken a portion to remove her pain.  Then, a humming chant continued immeted by the ring of witnesses surrounding the brave soul who was about to give her life for another.  Sküld drove a knife into Ernesta and held her until the light in her eyes finally faded away.  At the end, Ragnarok collectively howled to honored the recently passed.

Engagement Party of Captain Varn and Medina

Several days of being trapped in the Ancient World had passed and the collective nations of Nova Bretonia, Ragnorock, the Banner of Silence and Blackwood were weary. They had been bloodied, tortured, corrupted and abused. There had even been death and sacrifice.  To help relieve some of the sorrows of recent events, Bødwar of the Embassy Guard organized an engagement celebration for his captain and Medina.  Throughout the day, Bødwar invited guests, prepared the camp and gathered everyone for the festivities.

Varn, Medina and Sir Dagger decided to celebrate the engagement of Varn and Medina by hosting a party at the East Blackwood and Realms Embassy camp. Everyone who could attend was invited.  The union announced their engagement to the kind cheers of those in attendance.  Sir Dagger asked them each to deliver a speech about their upcoming union where in wish they did sealing it with a kiss. After there were drinks and singing and the five candle Ceremony of remembrance.

Battle to Destroy Pesta and Bolg: Part 1 - Meeting with Death

In the morning several days after entering the old world,  Eridan Crabsbane and Annabel of the Embassy Guard left on a scouting mission with Alsrik the Brenn and the Nova Bretonians. They did not return at the expected time.  Sir Dagger and Captain Varn led the remaining Guard to where Dagger had began to feel or sense a disturbance or trouble.  He could not explain the feeling but once he arrived at the East Blackwood camp, it became apparent.  There had been a struggle and no sign of the guards or the Nova Bretonians.

The Messenger of Death made himself know to East Blackwood at that moment proclaiming that Morgan(a) had broken the rules of balance. As such he granted Sir Dagger the story of what had happened. Morgan(a) had captured and corrupted Eridan, Annabel and "others" and was training them to fight for her.  For this information he demanded a price. The messenger demanded that the two beings like himself, Pesta and Bolg that yet remained be destroyed.  Dagger simply agreed with the demand and asked where his people were to be found.  

Sir Dagger with Captain Varn and the others returned to Ragnorock where the story of what had just happened was hastily explained.  A plan was formed, Ragnorock would focus on Pesta as they had a means of defeating her while East Blackwood with the aid of Walden of Ragnorock would slow Bolg while they worked to subdue their corrupted allies without killing them. At this point it was uncertain how Bolg would be destroyed.

Battle to Destroy Pesta and Bolg: Part 1 - Destruction of Bolg and Pesta

Sir Dagger, Captain Varn and Bødwar of the Embassy Guard armored themselves as heavily as possible while Medina took up the right flank and Walden of Ragnorock near the left. East Blackwood formed the front rank while the rest of Ragnorock made up the rear.  There was a bleak sense of urgency as the combined groups moved up to find themselves possibly outnumbered if not out-powered. 

Eridan moved forward with Annabel not far behind. Nova Bretonia rushed forward Clashing with the shields of the small front line and Bolg followed behind them.  Almost instantly the fight devolved into chaos but through that chaos Ragnorock managed to work their way through to Pesta the White Lady where they began their work to destroy her. 

Captain Varn, in full mail and great helm fought to hold off his attackers while attempting to somehow knock Eridan unconscious.  Bødwar and Medina did much the same but focused on other areas of the fighting. Sir Dagger's primary objective was to slow Bolg. As it had been learned earlier on, striking Bolg on the eye which rested on the left side of his chest would bring the beast to a knee. This worked a few times and was attempted but through the chaos of battle Sir Dagger was struck in the chest by one of Bolg's massive-spiked maces he too was dropped to his knees.

Eridan, Annabel and the Nova Bretonia's pushed past Dagger forcing Captain Varn back.  Bødwar fell back as well injured but not before striking Bolg's eye once again.  Sir Dagger, back on his feet, fought through the fray and stabbed his sword through Bolg. Pulling up in a sawing motion, the knewly knighted Dagger of Blackwood destroyed the eye and the beast desintigrated.  Bolg's head and weapons were all that remained.

The ritual magic being performed by Ragnorock to trap and petrify Pesta continued and the battle raged on.  Too many of the corrupted still stood while East Blackwood collected injuries. Medina went down in the fighting as well as Bødwar and Walden leaving Sir Dagger and Captain Varn to deal with the rest. Varn pushed forward absorbing hits mostly with his armor as he subdued two more. That left one remaining, Annabel who was then rendered unconscious with a sleep spell from Ragnorock.  

When the dust of the battle settled there was a mess of injured and unconscious persons but Pesta and Bolg had both been destroyed. Victory had been hard fought but earned.

Capture of Morgan(a)

The night after the Battle against Pesta, Bolg and the corrupted, Morgan(a) appeared in a fit of violent rage.  She was brought down by the combined power of those present and trapped within a binding.  She was solely talked down from her rage with compassion and the realization of the evils she had committed over centuries.  She later accepted her situation willingly leaving her fate in the hands of the West and East Blackwood.

Trial of Morgan(a)

The trial hosted several tables and seating for all.  At the front of the hall against the far wall was the main table which hosted the Judge, in this case his Excellency Jean-Louis, special witnesses, the jury scribes and the translators.  Flanking the main table were the jury tables which hosted the nobles and leaders chosen for the jury.  Placed at an angle facing the judge were the tables for the prosecution and defense.  The prosecution was led by Captain Varn of the Embassy Guard with the assistance of Bodwar from the same as council.  The defense was Captain Sküld.  The accused Morgan(a) sat to her right side when facing the judge.  Behind those tables were the seats for the court's guests and witnesses.  Raziel the Prium Geard of Nova Bretonia served as bailiff with Eridan Crabsbane controlling the doors entering the hall.

Morgan(a) was found guilty of all charges but spared execution. Instead she was exiled from her dying world to a Western Seal forest in Mythodea where she would be required to serve and protect her people as well as the people of Mythodea until she saved at least as many lives as she had taken. Captain Varn was dissatisfied with the decision and effectively light punishment for the crimes committed. "This sets a poor precedent for the future as this case will be reviewed and referenced in future trials."

Death not Satisfied

The messenger of Death interrupted the Trail of Morgan(a) to demand the price for the life given to be paid.  Death was apparently not satisfied with due process.  The Voice of the West, and Judge of the Trial, requested twenty more minutes for the convening of the Jury and issuing of the verdict.  The messenger agreed and disappeared for a short time.

When the messenger returned, he was told of the trail's decision.  He agreed with the judgement but demanded a price be paid none-the-less.  His excellency, Jean-Louis, started to discuss possibilities.  As these possibilities were not desirable to others such as Lady Azela and Captain Sküld, people began to present offers but the prices the messenger would agree to were always increasing.  The Voice of the West declared that there would be no other offers from anyone else and that he would not play a game of ever increasing payment. 

The messenger abruptly changed his mind deciding to take Morgan(a)'s immortality, which she too had offered, and declared that he would be back in three years to claim her life, regardless of the court's decision.  With that, he left.

Opening the Portal Home

Ri Isenden called on Sir Dagger to make good on his promise to assist him by asking him to help open the gateway back to Mythodea.  Morgana, Ri Isenden and Sir Dagger charged the portal after several of the gathered Western groups and East Blackwood placed rune stones within an artifact before the portal.  The portal was then partially opened where then the three joined hands to use their energy, magic and life force to hold the portal open long enough to first get the rest of the company through and then themselves. Pinacle of the Banner of Silence was needed to save the life to Ambassador Dagger.  Isenden and Morgan(a) were also weakened greatly by the act of opening the gateway but not so much as they would have died.

After the Nova Bretonians, the Banner of Silence, Ragnarok and East Blackwood returned to Mythodea, Ri Isenden thanked all for their assistance and sacrifice and declared an evening of drink and merriment.  During the night, one by one Ri Isenden and Lady Gerianne called six people to speak with them.  To each of these six, the Ri and Lady Gerianne gifted an artifact made from the portal as a thank you for their service.  Sir Dagger of Blackwood Gazgul of the Banner of Silence and Sküld, of Ragnarok.

Sapphire House

A second gift and thank you for East Blackwood's services was a small gift of land.  Dagger was presented with an act of property for that of an embassy within Nova Bretonia.  To answer this gift the ambassador gave Ri Isenden and his daughter the governess Lady Gerianne a Coin of the Realm. After, Dagger made this statement and request, "As the mission we came on to support Nova Brenotia was not our own, it was Lady Sayeh's.  I request that this property that you have gifted me be known as Sapphire House in honor of Lady Sayeh of Sapphire Ilse as it was for her that we bled for you."  This request was kindly granted.