Mythodea / Ad Astra: Auf Jahr und Tag


Auf Jahr und Tag:  Each year Ad Astra hosts a gathering in the city of Asina. Several years ago, the people and warriors of Ad Astra settled in the ruins of an old city once built and occupied by an ancient Mythodean people long since dead. Ad Astra has since restored the beautiful architecture and added their own culture and flair to it. This year, guest from near every corner of Mythodea made the journey to Asina to celebrate with Ad Astra. 

At the gathering, the Rulers of Ad Astra were not present but the three Ceanns were: Wulfgang Bauersfeld the Ceann der Krieger, Gozo von Tahat the Ceann of Coin and, Alayne Osfrydstochter the Caenn of Homeland and the Internal.

During the Year and a Day celebration, the Ceanns met with the various guests from throughout Mythode and beyond. Sir Dagger of Blackwood, Leader of the East Blackwood Company was among those guests who met with the Ceanns. On this occasion however, the focus of those meetings were strictly Hanse related as the Mitrasperanishe Hanse has been reconsolidating its holdings and reviewing its old contracts since the start of the previous year. Ad Astra was reportedly among one of the regions where prior Hanse contracts had been made.

Other honored guests that were present were from lands such as the Northern Seal where the Lord Protector of Palos Trutz had made the long voyage south to attend. Citizens of Oron and the Order of Gray Souls from the Realm of Roses were also present among settlers of the West and many from outside of Mythodea. All were of calm temperament and enjoyed the hospitality presented by the people of Ad Astra.

Ad Astra hosted in a complex of building they called "a tavern" but by its fine detail and decoration one would have mistaken it for a royal palace. The bar offered a variety of drinks including my types of mead. Seating for the tavern, hall and library was very comfortable and decorative in nature. The library itself was full of books and maps covering a wide range of topics and the setting allowed the peace needed to read them. Finally, the buffet that was presented throughout both days and evenings was exquisite offering many dishes varying in content and for differing tastes.

One must say that Ad Astra spared no expense on keeping their guests satisfied. Music and comfortable rooms were also provided along with a raffle and several matters of court to witness.