Mythodea / A Party with Iron Daggers


After concluding the business of payment between the East Blackwood Company and the Cotiere of the Iron Daggers at Lunorth's Summer Solstice festival, East Blackwood was invited to attend a gathering at the lands the Lord Protector Viktor allowed Sir Raven to be regent of.  The gathering was intended to be a celebration where the Lord Protector, friends and East Blackwood would be hosted by the Iron Daggers.  Sir Dagger of Blackwood, Bødvar BeerHunter and, Wesley Black attended the gathering as representatives of Blackwood and the E.B.Co.  They had not expected the trouble that came however.


Upon arriving in the region West of Copperdale in Lunorth, there was a welcoming speech made by Sir Raven the new administrator of the land.  At the conclusion of his speech, Sir Raven announced that during the gathering, all titles would be left at the door.  All those participating addressed those present by their first names.  Of those attending the most notable was the Lord Protector of Lunorth himself, Viktor Kettle. 

Bødvar joins the East Blackwood Company as a Merchant

During one off the two evenings in the local-long house, Bødvar presented Sir Dagger with a chest of coin accompany by a request to buy his way into the East Blackwood Company.  Bødvar wished to run a brewery which was met by cheers from those gathered.  Sir Dagger accepted the requests and promised to have the East Blackwood Company assist with the construction of the new business. 

Trouble in the Forest

As the land was new to the Iron Daggers, they organized several patrols.  East Blackwood offered to take part during the second of four. During the first patrol, the Iron Daggers recovered a scepter that seemed to corrupt those it touched infecting them with a disease of greed or perhaps simply histaria.  Through theory and analytical magics, it was believed that the scepter may have had some connection to Fae that were likely within the forest.  However, this was never proven.

During the second patrol, East Blackwood and Iron Daggers patrolled a different area in the forest.  The patrol came across a bandit camp.  The bandits had captured a miller's daughter after burning the mill down and killing the miller.  It was believed that the miller's daughter had been abused.  At first, Rooster of the Iron Daggers offered the bandits their lives if they left that place without their weapons; however, once it became known that the bandits had killed the miller, the patrol attacked and killed the bandits.  In the fight, Wesley Black offered the bandit he attacked to die with honor. The bandit chose the less honorable path and died without it.

The deed to the miller's land was recovered at the bandit camp and the miller's daughter was escorted out of the the forest and to Sir Raven.  Not long after the next two patrols entered the forest and returned though the last returned corrupted. After the threat of the corrupted party was brought under control a ritual was performed to cleanse the corrupted and learn more about the situation that was unfolding in the forest. 

As the light faded from the sky, it became apparent that the scepter had belonged to the Fae of the forest, particularly, one Fae calling herself the Queen of the Love and the Forest. The Queen of Love demanded the return of the scepter which had been found within the forest earlier that day by the first patrol; however, when it was searched for it was found to be missing.  Someone had moved it.  The Fae aggressively demanded its recovery and to force the issue removed the ability to love from several present. 

The rest of the gathering frantically searched for the scepter eventually finding it but by then another problem arose. The scepter had either corrupted another or they believed simply that they were.  Only with the aid of the Fae was the supposed corruption lifted, the scepter returned to the Queen of Love and, the ability to love returned to those She had taken it form.

Feast and Games

The Cotiere of the Iron Daggers presented their guests with three meals a day, desert, drinks and alcohol.  Accompanying the hospitality was also the presence of "The Game." The Game was a thieving competition where items were given to the guests of the gathering and other items were spread around the area to be collected.  After a time, three participants of "The Game" turned in enough points at the designated turn-in-times to arrive head-to-head with one another.  Those participants were Agnes and Sylvia of the Iron Daggers and Bødvar of East Blackwood. 

Bødvar and Sylvia allied themselves to one another to beat Agnes but due to external assistance from unnamed proprietors, Agnes came out victorious in the end earning first prize which was a golden Dagger made from the original Iron Dagger mold which made many if not all of the Daggers that the Iron Daggers wear.  Sylvia and Bødvar won a bottle of port for achieving second place in "The Game."  The rest of the evening was reserved to gambling, drinking and good conversation where the bottle of Port was emptied among many others.