Mythodea / A Festival and a Murder


Bødwar, known as the Beer Hunter, and his friend Tawarisch invited friends and allies to celebrate the summer solstice together in the Western Seal of Mythodea on the lands of Johan Bruchstein. Some notable names present at the gathering were Ceallach of the O'Annid, Sir Dagger of Blackwood, Talwyn die Weiße from the Free Alliance, Ivy from the Banner of Silence and more.  


Within the Western Seal, away from the large and establish fiefdoms, were the quint lands of Johan Bruchstein. Johan was presented as the official host of the festival and offered a field with a beautiful view of the mountains in the distance for the enjoyment of his guests.  


A messenger was found dead on the start of the second day of the festival near the festival grounds by the guests. His throat had been slit and he had blood on his hands as if he had attempted to stop the blood from pouring out before he died. The messenger carried with him a bag which held a locked container and a note but the note. The container was taken to be studied and opened but during the handling of the corpse, a few were poisoned.

While some guests worked on unraveling the riddle others worked tirelessly to cure those who had been poisoned. In the end both the poison had been cured and the container had been opened. The container was successfully opened by Lordas, one of the guests, and the contents were read revealing that Johan Bruchstein's brother-in-law Werin Meinhauer had most likely killed the messenger who had tried to inform Bruchstein of his plot to forcibly inherit the land from him. Johan feared for the safety of his sister to which Ceallach of the O'Annid promissed to help track down Meinhauer and bring him to justice and in the process save Savina Meinahauer after a night's rest.


Johan Bruchstein had promised a tournament and a champions purse to the winner. The purse was for 100 Copper Coins. Due to the events earlier in the day, Cae made the suggestion that the tournament be shortened to a Grand Melee where are participants would fight at once. This allowed there to still be a show for the local villagers as well as grant everyone a chance at winning the purse.

Merane Úlfsdóttir of the Fortress of Diversity defeated Sir Dagger of Blackwood, Rohen of the Dal'Rida and others to become the Champion of the Tournament and win the Champion's Purse. The rest of the evening was reserved to the party and gambling before the next day's hunt for justice.