Mythodea                            A Campaign for Terra


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As of this new year, The Ambassador has changed focus to the entire Duchy of Validar, having previously been focused solely on East Blackwood. We hope you continue to read and enjoy our reporting as you have always done, and look forward to the opportunity to serve our expanded readership in the future.

Winter gives way to Spring, bringing with it occasional warmth and rain.

Teca Tana spoke the words of the Narech'Tuloch calling upon the rulers of the Realms of Mythodea to aid the Terra Folk.  This quest to escort and help anchor the The Cradle of Evening and Dawn, also known as the Cradle of Impermanence at the original location.

As Spring took hold of the land, the various realms mustered what they could early in the season and first set off to the Realm of Roses, afterwards north to the Blue Forest near the border of the Black Dynasty demesne of Veria.  As one would expect, the mission was not without problems from the Forsaken and Skargen. Even the Black Prince was there to prevent the Realms of Mythodea from emerging victorious.

Painting by @Beol
Painting by @Beol

Cradle of Impermanence

The Duchy of Validar assembled what forces it could despite the Crusade of the Elements to answer the call given by Narech'Tuloch.  Validar was led by Baron Dagger Arkenstone of East Blackwood, Sir Balor the Red, and their chosen Marshal Sir Maron von Brendenloh. They united their forces to those of the other Realms of Mythodea.

Setting up war camps around the location of the Cradle of Impermanence and the Narech'Tuloch, with the Fortress of Diversity at the center, the mission was to anchor the temple after the corruption of the Essence was removed. Black Dynasty pillars had to be found and destroyed to stop their foul influence from corrupting the land further.

As soon as the campaign began the Mythodean host came under attack by Undead Flesh and Skargen. The initial attack threw the settlers in disarray, and several were captured by our foes.

Soon the might of the combined forces threw back the enemy and brought order to the ranks. It was then determined some were missing and a search was organized while other units defended the location of the Cradle.

Pact with the Black Dynasty

Several hours after the outbreak of battle, the Validar contingent came upon a small group of Black Dynasty Acolytes.  "Are you from the Realm of Roses?" they are reported to have asked. When the answer, "No," was returned the Black Dynasty responded with, "Get off our land.  If you are Realm of Roses you may stay, otherwise leave." Naturally this sparked questions and concerns among the settlers, and the Realms of Mythodea. These questions would be answered on the next day of the campaign.

The late Archon of Thorns, Vincent of Sagara, the Nyame of Roses, Neom and her Naches'Re Miro Klippenwald, signed an agreement with the Black Dynasty to prevent them from overrunning the northern border to the Realm of Roses the previous year.

Those borders were left lightly defended by the exodus of various fiefdoms such as Mondehein, Zackenberg, and Zweiwasser. Within that time the Realm of Roses was not able to compensate for their loss and the Forsaken exploited their weakness.

Just before Archon Vincent fell in battle he signed the agreement that removed the Black Dynasty from the Forsaken onslaught. His Tul'hien, Ramirez from Sagara, claimed not to have known about the pact and was not one of the signatories. He was later appointed position of Regent and military commander.  His Highness Ramirez decided to exploit the remaining 5 weeks of the contract with the Black Dynasty for military gain, and went from camp to camp to convince other leaders to support this plan.

The Fortress of Diversity, Askalon, and the Duchy of Validar were among the initial supporters of the Rose's plan.  However, the Western, Southern, and Northern Seals spearheaded the opposition to the plan, even going so far as to call it treason or even heresy in some cases.  As opposition grew, some of the supporting lands, including Validar, revoked their support for His Highness Ramirez's plan.  However, it would be the Black Dynasty that would actually break the contract when they demanded diplomats from the Realm of Roses 5 weeks before the contract stipulations.

Defense of the Cradle

The Marshal of Validar for the Campaign of the Cradle was Sir Maron von Brendenloh, a Knight of Roses and Thorns from the Barony of Zweiwasser.  Sir Maron was also given overall command of the Cradle defense on the final day of the campaign.  With the remaining soldiers of Validar at the front, the united Mythodean column marched to the entrance of the Cradle of Impermanence both defending the Cradle and sending relief efforts over to nearby units within the forested region.

Painting by Ingo.
Painting by Ingo.
Painting by MX Novice.
Painting by MX Novice.

Supporting Sir Maron's command was Sir Marcus Tulius from Zweiwasser, Commander Anthem DeVigil from East Blackwood, Corporal Annabel "IronSkull" from East Blackwood, and Logaan, Champion of the Embassy Guard.  The day was long and the defense efforts were strained by regular enemy attacks, and smaller tangential missions.

Even the Black Prince of the Black Dynasty attempted to break the resolve the the defenders but was not successful.

The pillars had fallen and the Cradle was anchored.

The Hunt for Six Healers

Within the campaign to anchor the Cradle of Impermanence, it was reported that six Women had a similar dream. Lady Elene' of Zweiwasser and Feuerbell Arkenstone were among the six.  In the dream they were being hunted and were blamed for the fall of Ankor Mortis during the siege of that ancient city two years ago. A being by the name of Fortingas sought each woman who had been declared guilty, following a magic letter inscribed upon their person.  Fortingas is considered an undead by the settlers, mages, and knowledge seekers, but he appears to be Terra affiliated and from a time before the undead came to Mitraspera. Further details of this being are unknown.

As each letter had been read the women were bound to a sarcophagus.  As the sixth was bound, the name and memory of the first woman disappeared from the minds of the others.  This gave rise to the belief among knowledgeable parties that only five women were needed.  At any point the women declared guilty could be summoned elsewhere by magic to have a duel with Fortingas. If the women lose, part of their liver would be consumed by him.  The named women were not warriors in the traditional sense making any victory difficult at best.

Given the available information a plan was hatched: Five fighters volunteered to take the place of the women.  New enchanted letters were created, and when those letters were read the names of the fighters replaced those of the women, and they were summoned by Fortingas. Each then fought a duel with three winning and two earning a draw.

Fortingas withdrew from the encounter as the field around them had degenerated into the chaos of battle.

Painting by @Beol
Painting by @Beol

Best Soldier Award

After the campaign came to a close, the soldiers and people of Validar gathered in their camp for a few speeches, toasts, and the inauguration of a new tradition.  Once the speeches had concluded, Sir Maron von Brendenloh presented one soldier from among the Validar Baronies with the new "Best Soldier Award."

Amp of the Barony of East Blackwood's Embassy Guard received the reward for his discipline, attention to orders, and diligence to his duties.  Among the gifts received was a bottle of Zweiwasser Port Wine which was consumed by Amp within the first 5 Fries of receiving it.

We at The Ambassador congratulate Amp!

In Memoriam

With East Blackwood during most campaigns and gatherings is the small 'In Memoriam' shrine.

The shrine's purpose is to serve as a place of remembrance and honor for those who have passed.  The list of names inscribed upon the altar grows ever longer as time goes forward.  Names such as Sir Vawn Coupant, Captain Aiden Bell, Targret Arkenstone and Ceallach of the O'Annid now make their home among the honored dead never to be forgotten.