Mythodea / Death and Demons


Sir Dagger of Blackwood, Blackwood and the Realms Embassy's ambassador to the lands Far East, promised the aid of Blackwood to Nova Bretonia to help them combat the problems plaguing their land a half year prior when a pendant gifted to Sir Dagger by the Rii of Nova Bretonia, Isenden, suddenly light up while visiting Triskel, Nova Bertonia's capital. Upon magical analysis and comparing of information gathered elsewhere, it had been determined that the threat originated somewhere deep in the forest in northern Nova Bretonia where the Fae refugees were living.

Sir Dagger set off from Zweiwasser with Corporal Bodwar and Mako Tock to the Western Seal where Champion of the Embassy Guard Ceallach of the O'Annid and Leon, a ranger, joined them. From Triskel in Nova Bretonia, the group continued north to Crotin-sous-Pont en Goesel.

Villagers Hunting Refugees

Upon arriving at Crotin-sous-Pont en Goesel, the East Blackwood party were greeted by citizens and soldiers of Nova Bretonia who had collected there to investigate the danger looming within the forest. After a short reunion, the combined group of Nova Bretonian and East Blackwood ventured into the town where they were greated by its people offering them food. This, during a food shortage that in some areas of Mythodea was as bad as famine.

The food offered were plates of small cakes. If the cakes were not inspected closely than it was possible that people would have missed that they were filled with the body parts of small faeries. This lead to a quick and violent reaction from some of the soldiers of Nova Bretonia and Ceallach of the O'Annid, the Embassy Guard's acting champion. Few were left alive for long and those were quickly beaten for answers and put to death for treason and murder. All of this was done with the Rii Isenden's blessing. Corporal Bodwar of the Embassy Guard placed the remaining bodies of the faeries into the fire to prevent them from being consumed.

Warnings of Doom

A traveling skaled stopped by the tavern and spoke a great oration of the doom that would come and befall the land. It felt, magically so, as if this was a foretelling of the future all but stoppable that was yet to come. It was taken as a warning by some but others were gravely wounded by the story at least in their minds.

Beta and Morgan(a) missing

The allied force used a local tavern as their base of operations during the mission. East Blackwood had brought a decent amount of food with them as did the force from Nova Bretonia so they were well fed for the time they were there.

Nova Bretonian officials and East Blackwood discussed the details acquired up until that point and decided they needed to speak with either Moragan(a) or Beta, the Messenger of Death, as soon as possible. Inquiries were made as to their whereabouts but it appeared that not even the fairies knew. In fact, they appeared to be looking for Morgan(a) as well.

The Mayor of Crotin-sous-Pont en Goesel

In a bold move, the mayor of Crotin-sous-Pont en Goesel made her presence known when she strode up to the tavern to speak with Rii Isenden and the Nova Bretonians with two demented men in tow, literally. She answered all questions with pride confirming that she was taught by inquisitors of a foreign faith how to hunt, capture and consume fairies. She believed that magic was the cause of her people's problems and wished to both destroy it and convince us of its evil. The Rii and Sir Dagger of Blackwood being of magic themselves took personal offense to this. She was subsequently imprisoned and her followers after confirming their own murders and consumption of fairies were killed on the spot.

Beta the Voice of Death and Morgan(a) called for Aid

Though it was assumed that the Voice of Death, Beta, had been missing, he finally appeared to the gathered force of Nova Bretonia and East Blackwood. He expressed fear of what was to come and frustration for the weakness of Morgan(a). A ritual was performed to call upon Morgan(a) and finally she did appear though, as Death had proclaimed, she was in a weakened and apathetic state. Ceallach of the O'Annid spent time with Morgan(a) to calm her to the situation, i.e. the death of the fairies and the eating of them. He also worked with Logaan of Nora Bretonia and the Embassy Guard to insure that she remain on our side.

Morgan(a) had a ring made for her last year to reduce her power and her rage in order to insure the security of Nova Bretonia and the Western Seal of Mythodea. It was reported through magical analysis that the ring was breaking. Sir Dagger believed, however, that the ring would need to be removed in order for Morgan(a) to be strong enough to combat the three opposing aspects of the apocalypse. Ceallach was in agreement with this plan and worked to make it a possibility. There were obvious fears expressed by the Nova Bretonians that once the ring was removed that Morgan(a) would go back to her old genocidal ways but Sir Dagger disputed that stating that she was brought down without the ring before through compassion.

Sir Dagger suggested to Rii Isenden that he should give Morgan(a) the mayor who had executed the murder of Morgan(a)'s people as a peace offering with the hope that it would help bring her to the side of Nova Bretonia and East Blackwood and also offer her some semblence of justice and closer. This idea was agreed to but put off until after matters at hand were dealt with for fear of enraging Morgan(a).

With Ceallac's help, the ring was destroyed which had the effect of altering Morgan(a) in ways that were expected. However, she held true to her promises and stood with Nova Bretonia and East Blackwood. By this time, Beta was frantic and blamed everyone but himself for weakening and ruining Morgan(a). Eventually logic won out and a deal was struck to grant Morgan(a) what had been taken the year prior. With that she was ready to aid in full.

Rituals to Destroy aspects of Apocalypse (Again)

The queen of Nova Bretonia along with their mages, Morgan(a), Beta and East Blackwood gathered for a ritual to summon the apocalyptic aspects and defeat them once again. The first aspect attempted to put those containing her to sleep breaking the circle that bound her. Logaan of Nova Bretonia and the Embassy Guard was able to defeated her using his gauntlet which was blessed by Morgan(a). Although Sir Dagger had cautioned the use of Elemental power from Mythodea due to the state of the land, Terra was still called upon to defeat the second of the aspects with Corporal Bodwar supporting in that part of the ritual directly.

The third and final aspect that threatened Nova Bretonia at that time was Bolg, the aspect of War. Ceallach of the O'Annid, Champion of the Embassy Guard took the lead with his blessed spear against War. Sir Dagger had defeated the aspect last year after a long struggle but this time Ceallach of the O'Annid and the rest were better prepared. War shattered the circle with thunderous blows from his maces but those of the ritual scrambled to reform it while Ceallach and Sir Dagger moved to combat the beast. Between the two, Ceallach of the O'Annid thrust his blessed spear into the eye on Bolg's chest and used it to draw War's energy into it defeating War once again. With that the ritual to defeat the three aspects of War was complete but the whispers of a king of hell remained lingering. A true enemy perhaps? A ring leader?

The Aftermath

Beta, the Messenger of Death the Fourth Aspect, showed those present what would happen if they failed what was to come. Soon a vision of a struggle against the aspects which felt as real as life itself was cast over the gathering. In that vision, everyone was dead or dying. Almost as soon as it began it was over, leaving bitter sweat taste lingering as a reminder of what may be in store in the future.

At that moment though, the battle was won and it was time to celebrate that victory. The combined force of Nova Bretonia and East Blackwood returned to the tavern at Crotin-sous-Pont en Goesel for a night of food, drinking, gambling and general revelry. It was during this time that Morgan(a) was presented with the Mayor who had led her people to hunt Morgan(a)'s.