Münzquell:  Convent of the Elements


Three days into the Convent of the Elements, Ambassador Dagger was able to meet with Regent Cho'wa el Abar'Raine of the Münzquell where a gift was presented.  No further introductions were necessary as the two had officially met one month before. Cho’wa extended the invitation to camp with the Münzquell and offered the chance to establish the embassy and East Blackwood Company.  At least the ability to do so, after more discussion, would be there.  This was taken as great news but in less than a day later, dark news arrived concerning Goldwacht, the Münzquell’s new home.

Münzquell has apparently been denied the right to live and govern the city of Goldwacht as they have been, as it has been understood, accused of heresy.  The people of Münzquell have been given three options: 

  1. Exile 
  2. Conversion away from the Golden Heritage to the standard faith ideology of Mythodea
  3. Death

Until the matters presented can be resolved, the Embassy and East Blackwood Company must put all potential deals on hold until such a time that they may be permitted to continue safely.  Should the Münzquell find a way we would like to continue to invest in the city in the future.  We hope that during the Campaign to the World Forge, these problems will be resolved and all will continue as it had prior to the charges.