Münzquell: Summer Campaign


At the Summer Campaign 16 Jahre n.d.E, the Ambassador visited the Münzquell. There, Ambassador Dagger, Baroness Sayeh, and Robbert spoke with their new marshal about the situation concerning the Münzquell.  The marshal explained that the only change since the Convent was that there was a trade ban in the West on goods from the Münzquell.  Aside from that, the marshal seemed confident that the Münzquell would survive.  Ambassador Dagger cautioned that if the Münzquell continued on their current path, they would not be strong enough to resist the United seal realms of Mythodea.   Dagger also offered to assist in anyway way the Embassy could to get the Münzquell back into the good graces of the Ruler's Council.  The only request was that the Embassy spread the good word of the Münzquell's deeds.

Ambassador Dagger and Robert then escorted Baroness Sayeh of Sapphire Isle back to her camp.  Once there, Dagger left the two and visited the Command Tent of Viribus Unitas to speak with the officers on duty about the situation with the Münzquell.  Dagger explained that the Münzquell was a useful addition to the armies and people of Mythodea and that they had no intention of leaving.  He continued with stories of their assistance on various war-related quests of their continued military support of the North during the campaign.  All of these tales were accepted with a nod and words that expressed the gratitude of the North yet, in the end, it is the belief of the Ruler's Council that the Münzquell are acting as invaders rather than settlers.  To the Council, it is as if the Münzquell walked into their land and laid claim to part of it and now wish that the rulers allow them to do so.  As it is explained, the entire Ruler's Council is of one mind on the subject of the Münzquell.

Ambassador Dagger also spoke with Erzkanzler Lazantin Gredorn of the Akademie der Erkenntnisgewinnung und Verteidigung von Mitraspera on the subject to which Dagger also cautioned the Münzquell and made the same promise as he had before.  The Erzkanzler claimed that the land was not in fact within the domain of the Ruler's Council.  With little more to say on the subject at that moment, Ambassador Dagger left with intent to visit Goldwacht in the near future.