Moringaard / War and Order


"Sometimes when you try to do the right or a good thing you get hated for it."

Last year, the East Blackwood Company entered Moringaard for the first time and offered to aid Graf Paulus von Wasserstein and his allies in their war effort.  As the E.B.Co entered Moringaard this year however, the War Marshal Kronenburg requested the assistance of the Company's Embasssy Guard.  The East Blackwood Company under Sir Dagger of Blackwood and Djako Kaevh contracted the Guard and Company as requested to replace the Bastion's Watch of Hill Bastion 7 which had been destroyed a few days prior to their arrival.  Little did the East Blackwood Company know that in less than two days time, they would be fighting for their survival from the people they were there to protect!

Hill Bastion 7:  Day 1

The East Blackwood Company with as many of the Embassy Guard as East Blackwood could spare, entered the Bahianische Reich with the intention of offering their assistance in war logistics.  As the E.B.Co made its way further inland, they were invited to treat with War Marshal Kronenburg.  In light of news from one of the Hill Bastions along the reseeded defensive line against the legions of the Dead, War Marshal Kronenburg requested that the Embassy Guard serve as the replacements for the Bastion's Watch as the prior watch had been killed during an Orc raid.  Sir Dagger and Djako Kaevh accepted on behalf of East Blackwood.

Almost as soon as the Embassy Guard took arrived at the ruins of Hill Bastion 7, they came under attack by a horde of Orcs.  The local villagers and craftsmen and women took up arms to assist but most were slaughtered to a man.  The individual guard members were only saved when Ceallach of the O'Annid and Ruad'han of the Spears of Dal Riada arrived and, through diplomacy and an understanding of Orcish culture, stopped the horde from killing the foreign soldiers of the Kingdom of Blackwood.  During the attack, however, Fehla, a Guards-woman, was taken by the Orcs back to their war camp but later returned unharmed.  It is likely that Cai played a role in her safe return as well.

As that battle came to a close, a force of Wasserstreiner, Hornschweiner, Ostarischen Marine among others arrived at the seventh Hill Bastion taking up camp there.  This was expected by the War Marshal and as such Sir Dagger, as Captain of the Bastion's Watch, had information and tasks to present to the collective nations represented in the warband. The Komarnern were the first of many groups East Blackwood spoke with.  In this initial meeting, Captain Ricardo of the Embassy Guard presented the majority of the information.  In all other consecutive meetings, Sir Dagger, Annabel and Thalla Jorah presented the information and tasks. 

The story that was told was that the Bastion had been overrun a few days prior with its walls being raised to the ground and the Spark of the Holy Flame it had defended being taken, likely, by the Orcs.  The camp was also informed that they should form a Camp Council and should send every able fighter to sign up for the gate watch and, that they were expected to pay a Gate Toll of 1 Copper per person and were requested to pay 2 Copper per person to help rebuild the bastion.  This information did not sit well with the warriors of Sigmar and the Wassersteiner.  They were informed that the information came from War Marshal Kronenburg and that should any issues with his orders arise, they should be taken up with the War Marshal.

Hill Bastion 7:  Day 2

The gate watch was established at the start of the second day bringing the total number of active defenders up to a minimum of 6 at all times.  The Camp Council was also formed from among the more veteran members of the War in Moringaard:  Siegmund from the Komarnern, a representative of the Ostarischen Marine, Rufus Seefried of Wasserstein, Heinrich a witch hunter and the Jarlstochter.

During the early morning, humans who were associated with the Orcs, reportedly, arrived at Hill Bastion 7 and were taken hostage by soldiers under the control of the Camp Council.  As they had been permitted to enter the camp as guests under the guidance of the Bastion's Watch, this act angered one of the Embassy Guard members Bødvar who reportedly confronted the Council stating, "it is not the role of some Council goons to threaten guests." 

When the Camp Council convened for the first time, Representative Djako Kaevh was sent to represent East Blackwood during their meetings.

Orcs were invited by Cai as guests.  These guests of the Spears of Dal Riada were escorted from the gate, main entry point, to the camp of the Spears of Dal Riada .  The presence of the Orcs angered the warriors of Sigmar as rumors were heard shortly after about their discontent and contempt for East Blackwood as Bastion's Watch for having allowed such a thing.

The Orcish guests came with information which they shared.  They claimed that they had the Spark of the World Flame but that they were searching for an underground city that should be located in the area.  They said they were willing to treat with the soldiers of the bastion should the chose to send merchants and diplomats to do so.

As rumors persisted that some were not convinced that East Blackwood had been given the role of Bastion's Watch, Sir Dagger led many of the Embassy Guard to meet with the War Marshal at another location further behind the front lines.  During this time only two guards were active within the bastion as watch members.

While Sir Dagger and the others were away, a Nekrologe of the Dead performed a ritual from the Plane of the Dead of which Beria and Bødvar of the Embassy Guard and Bastion's Watch informed the rest of the Bastion about. Shortly after the a Spark of the World Flame appeared before the Hill Bastion.

Also while only two members of the Bastion's Watch were on guard, a large party of Orcs arrived at the main entrance to the Bastion.  Their main weapons were left by the gate and they were escorted by the available soldiers of East Blackwood to the Spears of Dal Riada.  Having heard about how their humans had been treated by the Camp Council earlier, when their business was finished with Cai they requested that the Bastion's Watch escort them out of the camps and to their own.  They explained to Bødvar that they did not trust that no harm would come to them should they not be escorted.  As Bødvar and Beria brought them out of the Bastion, they were called traitors by at least one member of the Camp Council for having not stopped the Orcs from entering the bastion even though up to that point there were no official rulings from the Camp Council against such a thing.

When Sir Dagger returned with the rest of the Bastion's Watch to the camps, rumors were heard that some of the people within the camp wanted to see East Blackwood executed as traitors.  Shortly after a messenger arrived from the War Marshal with a letter declaring the legitimacy of East Blackwood as Bastion's Watch.  

Messenger sent to the Wassersteiner from Kronenburg with a letter showing the legitimacy of East Blackwood as Bastion's Watch.  Bødvar reports that the letter was publicly burned by either the Wassersteiner or the Witch Hunters.  Sir Dagger, Djako, Bodwar and members of East Blackwood spoke with one of the voting members of the Camp Council, Siegmund of the Komarnern, about the rumors they had heard about people being unhappy with the situation that evening to clear the air and attempt to right the ship before it capsized. 

Hill Bastion 7:  Day 3

At the start of the third day at Hill Bastion 7 of the Burning Front against the legions of the dead, Sir Dagger was stabbed in the throat during a duel while attempting to stop Legio Mortis soldiers from controlling the Spark of the World Fire which was still burning before the bastion.  His life was saved by the Embassy Guard healer Annabel but, for a time, Sir Dagger was no longer able to speak. 

As Dagger returned to East Blackwood Company Camp after the fighting was over, he overheard Heinrich of the Camp Council speaking publicly against one of Sir Dagger's fellow company members and against the efforts of the company as a whole.  Sir Dagger took personal insult to this and wrote at letter to the Camp Council which was delivered by Representative Djako Kaevh, East Blackwood's representative there.

At the same time, Sir Dagger sent Bødvar and other members of the Embassy Guard to the camps within the bastion that were not yet decided against East Blackwood to attempt to acquire their support should the Camp Council decide to carry out what the rumors suggested they wanted to:  execution.  When the watch returned to the East Blackwood Camp, Sir Dagger and a few members of the Guard set out once more to talk to War Marshal Kronenburg about what was happening and to perform other tasks in aid to the war effort.

Sometime after receiving and reviewing Sir Dagger of Blackwood's letter, the Camp Council called a meeting to discuss it among other matters.  During this time, Sir Dagger and the East Blackwood Company returned with a large chest from the War Marshal himself which was delivered directly to the Camp Council meeting.  While the contents were being reviewed, Dagger was invited to stay to hear the council's verdict on what was to be done with East Blackwood.

The decision was made that the council would confiscate the toll money which had previously been collected by the E.B.Co. They would also be "relieving", by figurative force, East Blackwood from the role of Bastion's Watch claiming that the East Blackwood Company was not prepared for such a task, did not have the necessary manpower and had too many injured members to perform their duties effectively.  The Council allowed that East Blackwood remain within the Bastion to trade as desired and aid in the war effort.  Sir Dagger requested that these decisions be made in writing to which the Council said they would sign such a document should East Blackwood write one.  Later that evening such a document was produced and signed by two of the five members of the Camp Council.

The Embassy Guard returned to their camp and removed the red and gold surcoats they had warn to denote them as Bastion's Watch and placed them over their shield stands as a public message stating simply, "we are done."   After, East Blackwood left their own camp for the camp of the Spears of Dal Riada where they took a much needed break from the fighting and conflict.

Around that time, the Spark of the Wold Fire came under attack once again.  The Council sent soldiers forward to fight for it but slowly they began to lose ground.  This led them to allying themselves with, to East Blackwood's dumbfounded amazement, the Orcs.  To make matters worse, after the battle was concluded there was no longer a gate guard or a replacement Bastion's Watch.  The defenses were left effectively open.

Hill Bastion 7:  Day 4

East Blackwood left the following morning delivering the signed account of the Camp Council to the War Marshal before leaving Moringaard altogether.  The East Blackwood Company, at least for now, has no plan to return to Moringaard.