Moringaard / Moringaard 19.2


Germany:  The East Blackwood Embassy's need for further recruits, resources and trade contacts has continued to expand.  Ambassador Dagger of Blackwood spoke long about the lands of Moringaard with one of the guests at a wedding he recently visited.  After a brutal Summer Campaign in Mythodea and the wedding of his king and new queen, Dagger decided to gather some of the Embassy Guard and East Blackwood Company and travel to Moringaard.  There the group plans to reflect on the year thus far and make those above-mentioned contracts.

The members of the Embassy project will be attending the event as NSCs/NPCs.  In the evenings they may attend as their characters. At least once those in attendance plan to have a nice party within the tavern to close out the LARP year. 

MjK 19.2 "Brennende Hügel"

03.Oktober - 06.Oktober 2019 Pfadfinderzentrum Schachen, Münsingen

Anmeldung "Brennede Hügel"

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