Mittellande / VIKING Hagmühle: Ein Sturm zieht auf


Germany:  Ceallach of the O'Annid, our acting Champion of the Guard, is asking for brothers and sisters to fight beside.  As it was long ago promised, so shall it be. 

Early arrival should be possible from thursday on. Yes, a week after Denmark.

Location: around Welzheim (~40km east of Stuttgart)

Setting: Vikings and their allies are on a coastal raid to the Mittellande when they hear rumors about a mill, and lots of loot. So they march inland.

PCs or NPCs:

- PCs will be viking raiders from Vinland and invited friends (like under the 'command' of or by invitation from my character)

- NPCs will be people in the village, absolutely able to defend it - so not only simple peasants and villagers.

Date: 13.-15. of August

Prices: Around 100€ for PCs and around 50.- for Npc (will know details soon) because of the great fresh meals that will be offered. 'Vollverpflegung'.

Covid: Testing facility available on site.

Vaxxed/cured peoole are save from our hands but can be tested for extra safety