Mittellande / Gut Drei Eichen 4


Festival Time in Harnac

Once each year, the laird Keitel Wilkinson of Drei Eichen invites guests from all over to his estate, Drei Eichen or Three Oaks, in the Barony of Eckwalde within the Duchy of Harnac for a fair of sorts.  The Duchy of Harnac rests within the northern domains of the Mittellande.  In spite of the calming these past months, the festival took place as planned in the area known as "Zur Goldenen Nuss," a part of the Drei Eichen estate.  Accommodations were provided on the grounds for some while others opted to erect their own camps. 

The East Blackwood and Realms Embassy arrived later on the first day and built their camp to entertain guests and provide a place for the East Blackwood Company to do business.

Ceallach of the O'Annid,  Honored Guest

Ambassador Dagger granted Ceallach of the O'Annid the right to reside within the East Blackwood Company Guild District as an honored guest under the protection of the E.B.Co for the foreseeable future. Cai had long been a friend of Sir Dagger and the Embassy Guard so, when the request came during the Festival at Drei Eichen, it was granted.

Candle Ceremony

During last year's Summer Campaign in Mythodea, the Embassy Guard's champion, Eridan, participated as one of five champions that challenged the Dragonfly Queen's champion, the Crab of The Pestilence.  Five warriors answered the call, three lived to tell the tale but one did not fight. To remember the events that took place and to memorialize those two who had fallen, a five candle ceremony was hosted in the Embassy camp.  People from nearby camps were invited as guests to witness it including priests of Ignis and an Ignis paladin Alistair Kirschenhain.

Fee Market at Drei Eichen

Each year, Keitel Wilkinson invites those who have attended his fair to sell the junk and excess wares that have collected over the past year.  This year was likely much the same as it had been in previous years with several tables filling a large hall were filled with anything from thread, to clothing, to dishware to armor.

Grand Prix of Drei Eichen

The good Laird of Drei Eiche, Keitel Wilkinson, also hosts the Grand Prix of Drei Eichen to entertain his guests. This, quasi-,tournament presents a myriad of challenges and games for competitors to try their luck at.  Some such challenges included crafting a helm from scrap materials in less than thirty blinks of the eye, a mask presentation contest and others.  Both Bødwar and Yuber of the Embassy Guard participated.  This years winners were:

  1. Arn an Velting
  2. and 3. Alistair Kirschenhain and Gorodor Weißmähne