Leuenmark / Fortress of Diversity


During a brief Sojourn outside of Mythodea, Ambassador Sir Dagger of Blackwood, Master Djako Kaevh and Bodwar "BeerHunter," a meeting with Kaela of the Fortress of Diversity was made possible while staying at the prestigious Gasthaus am Grenzstein. During Dagger's meeting with Kaela, he attempted to gauge her opinion on the upcoming trial for Archon of Throns. It gained the opinion that Kaela was tired of her people being an after thought in spite of their size and value. She asked, generally, what a new Archon would do for the Fortress which was followed by a few other questions. The subsequent questions Dagger answered but not the first.

The initial conversation ended with Kaela making the point that Dagger had not answered her primary question. Bodwar, who has a better relationship with Kaela, offered to attempt to help restore good faith. Bodwar called in his single favor, which he had earned the previous year, to get her to agree to meet with Margrave Balor, the candidate Blackwood supports, in the near future. There was just one issue with that, no one knows if Balor will accept the meeting at all.