Kingdom of Blackwood: Lord or Lady of Alonis


The Embassy is writing a letter of recommendation for the lordship of the Blackwood Provence of Alonis... The Kingdom of Blackwood, within the Realms, is made up of several provinces and smaller nations.  Recently, the lady of Alonis, Ser Celest, abdicated her title and lands and attempted to give them to Gordon Lightfoot.  This was done without the king’s approval.  

The king has decided to offer a challenge to any who are sworn to Blackwood.  The winner of this challenge will be granted the land and title of Lord or Lady of Alonis.  Versper of Blackwood has recently sent a letter to Ambassador Dagger requesting that he write a letter of Recommendation for his ascension to the Blackwood nobility.  Dagger has agreed to the request and will be supporting Versper for the title in the near future.