Khal'Hatra / Western Seal War Camp


As the needs of the embassy continues to grow, so does its need for a personal military force.  The Embassy Guard was established to protect and promote interests of the Embassy and of the Crown.  To this end, Ambassador Dagger, Representative Djako and the Embassy Guard met with the Archon of the West on two occasions to discuss the possibility of housing and training the Embassy Guard.  Collin accepted the Ambassador’s request which will allow the Embassy Guard to be housed at the Kura’Assil barracks within Grian Quihenya, the Capital of the Western Seal.  Also upon the Archon’s suggestions, the Embassy Guard will train with the Kura’Assil under Collin’s brother, Conall MacCorribh.  

Later during the campaign, Ambassador Dagger, Representative Djako and the Embassy Guard went to the Kura'Assil camp to meet with and get to know Conell and the Kura'Assil.  There, Conell and the Embassy and Guard introduced themselves to one another.  Ambassador Dagger presented the Kura'Assil with two marching songs and the Blackwood Lied which was performed by himself and the Embassy Guard. 

Also during the Campaign to Khal’hatra, the Embassy delivered „The Ambassador,“ a newspaper printed by the East Blackwood Company, and delivered them to the various major war camps.  Pressed for time and unable to meet with House Xarann properly as intended, Ambassador Dagger handed the newspaper, intended for the West, to Morgalis Sturmklinge, Waffenmeister von Aeris with the intent that Morgalis would hand it to the Western Court.  

Akim delivered Ambassador Dagger Cake and Coffee from the Tea and Coffee House at the Banner of Silence Camp.  Akim had offered before during the Convent and the last campaign to the Hohld but had not been able to deliver.  In an early, wet and cold morning in Khal'Hatra, Akim made true on his promise and brought with him a fine tray of warm coffee and delectable cake. 

As a thank you, the Embassy brought their own cake baked by Medina Delany and offered it when they returned Akim's tray.  The Ambassador and Embassy were invited to stay a while and sat down to treat with the Banner of Silence people.  Ambassador Dagger explained that he would soon be living in Grian Quihenya, the capital of the Western Seal, as the Embassy would soon be opening its doors in the coming months. 

After hearing the news that the Ambassador would be residing in the capital soon, Eflama de Boisvert of the Banner of Silence invited Ambassador Dagger to her villa.  The two also agreed that when the War of Ashes Campaign was completed, they would travel together to Grian Quihenya.  Eflama's sister, Azela would also be present for their journey along with Anthem, the Embassy's commander of the guard, and Representative Djako Kaevh.