Khal'Hatra / Münzquell War Camp


Upon the late arrival of Ambassador Dagger and Representative Djako, the East Blackwood Embassy ran into some "trouble" on the road into the war camps.  Two wolf like humanoids, one by the name of Papageno, confronted Dagger, Djako and their guard Varn on the path between the Ambassador's cart and the Münzquell War Camp.  They requested, sternly, that Ambassador Dagger deliver their message to Antares of the Münzquell which was that one of the Münzquell had to answer for his transgressions within the forest.  Dagger promised to deliver the information and did so shortly after.  However, the target recipient of news had already retired for the evening. The Regent of the Münzquell agreed to pass on the information.

A day or so later, the Embassy arrived once more to deliver the embassy's newspaper, The Ambassador.  The first edition of The Ambassador held two articles about the Münzquell within from the Embasssy's time visiting Goldwacht, the now abandoned city of the Münzquell, the prior fall.  Though the articles held within are not the most agreeable, the gesture was made in good faith to old friends.