Khal’Hatra / Zweiwaser War Camp


By the grace of King Sir Kerrell Kala'mar of Blackwood and at the wishes and suggestion of Ambassador Dagger of Blackwood and Baroness Sayeh of Sapphire Isle, the East Blackwood Embassy pledged support to Margrave Balor the Red of Zweiwasser on his road to becoming the new Archon of Thorns. In this case that included traveling with Zweiwasser to Khal'Hatra.  As guests supporting Balor, the Embassy pledged the support of the Embassy Guard in Balor's, Zweiwasser's and the Realm of Roses endeavors. The Embassy and and East Blackwood Company were also there to offer any other support they were able if asked.

The Embassy camped in the rear of the war camp but spent much of its camp time in the common area where the Zweiwasser High Table oversaw proceedings.  In one of the first nights, Sir Varek of Zweiwasser's discussion about honor and one's personal code.  The topic presented the moral dilemma of the personal code of honor verses one's loyalty to one's liege lord.  Ambassador Dagger participated in this discussion upon the Margrave's permitance and gave his views to the subject.  Happily enough, none seemed too upset by the delicate nature of the subject.

The Realm of Roses, and the Camp of Zweiwasser, was visited by Midnight, an Edalphi of the crown of creation, and was presented with two of Zweiwasser's best fighters by Margrave Balor the Red for her personal viewing in a duel.  Balor introduced the East Blackwood Embassy to Midnight as an ally to Zweiwasser during her visit. Shortly after, the Regent of the Realm of Roses, Amir, led Midnight deeper into the camp to introduce her to the rest of the realm and its culture. 

The Embassy performed tasks for Margrave Balor when able including purification of corrupted trees and the destruction of the expelled Schwares Eis after the purification was complete.  On the final day of the campaign, Balor explained the need to form Talisman's with the Sephor'Assi, an elemental tribe of Aqua in order to save Noreen Brandbringer from the curruption of the Schwarzes Eis.  Unfortunately, the task was too lately given and the Embassy was not able to complete it in time.  Instead the Embassy opted to take the field using the talisman's they received from the Naldar so that they would be able to lead some semblance of support to their Mythodean allies and to the elements some of them worshiped, the Ambassador included.  That Battle was a success but the struggle to save Noreen was not.