Khal’Hatra / Northern Seal War Camp


As part of the East Blackwood Embassy's diplomatic mission, the East Blackwood Company is now producing a newspaper appropriately named, "The Ambassador."  During the War of Ashes spring campaign, the Embassy traveled to the Northern Seal War Camp to speak with either the Nyame or the Archon of the North, and present them with the gift of "The Ambassador."  Upon arrival at the Northern Command Tent, the Embassy was handed the rules of etiquette of which Varn of CrestGrath read and Ambassador Dagger assumed he already knew...

Ambassador Dagger and Varn approached her holiness and went to a knee before her in a bow.  The Nyame of the North spoke to the man at her right, likely a Northern Officer, about who the Embassy was and that he should "take this one."  Her comments suggested that she believed we were once attempting to be settlers of the North, had since reneged on that idea and that we were once part of Xarann.  Instead of allowing the misinformation to continue to propagate, Dagger did his best to correct the matter while not insulting her holiness. 

The Ambassador explained that the Embassy and, especially, the East Blackwood Company did indeed have a vested interest in the North but that the intention was never to be sworn citizens, rather trade and diplomatic partners and friends.  Dagger explained that it was very likely his failure to communicate his intentions the first time he spoke to the Nyame and wished to correct the record after his own failure to do so the year prior.  Dagger went on to explain that the E.B.Co had holdings in Lunorth, a protectorate of the North, and wished to further deepen the Embassy and Company's relationship with the North.  At that moment, Dagger presented "The Ambassador" newspaper to the Nyame as a gesture of good faith.

Shortly after leaving her table, however, Marik informed Dagger that he had made a grave mistake and that the gathered lords and ladies of the Nyame's court had noticed.  Dagger had broken with etiquette and had looked the Nyame in the eyes. She may not have noticed but others had so, on the suggestion of Marik, Dagger returned to the Nyame to bow, scrape and ask forgiveness.  He was eventually permitted to rise and leave.