Holzbrüch / Realm of Roses


To commemorate the grand opening of the East Blackwood Embassy at Grian Quihenya, Sayeh of Sapphire Isle and the Dagger of Blackwood, Blackwood's Ambassador to Mythodea invited dignitaries, nobles, merchants and friends from all around Mythodea to a reception party during this year's convent of the Elements.  Many members of the Court of Roses and Thorns were invited from among the number of those invited from the Realm yet only the nobility outside the court attended.

Just prior to this year's Convent of the Elements, the East Blackwood Embassy declared its support for the Margrave Balor the Red to become the new Archon of Thorns.  Balor was among those invited to celebrate the opening of the East Blackwood Embassy and was one of the Rosen number who attended the party.  Balor arrived with a silver platted holding two chalices as gifts for the hostess, Sayeh of Sapphire Isle, and for the Ambassador, Dagger of Blackwood.

Stordon von Zackenburg and Baron Fiete Münzer of Schönweiler also attended the East Blackwood Embassy Reception Party to indulge in wine, food, sweets and conversation.