Holzbrüch / Sapphire Isle and Blackwood


Upon arrival in the Western Seal, the Baroness Sayeh of Sapphire Isle was seen in the company of Ambassador Dagger of Blackwood and her fellow constituents. She made visits to the Baroness Eflama de Boisvert and her sisters, as well as with His Excellency, Jean-Louis, The Voice of the West.

At the gathering in Holzbrück, invitations were delivered requesting that some important partners and other influential persons make their appearance at a wine tasting party held in celebration of the Embassy of Blackwood. Here the Ambassador and fellow members of the East Blackwood Co. presented her with a model of her ship, The Jasmine, and performed for her a song. The party seemed to be a success with even the Nyame of the West finding time to attend.

During her stay, the Baroness presented Margrave Balor of Zweiwasser with a brass chain of office with many medallions with embossed suns to honor his faith in Ignis. This was a gift from the Kingdom if Blackwood for the opportunities that the Margrave had given to the Ambassador when first this endeavor began. It was also a sign of support for the Margrave as he makes his intentions known that he will be competing to become the next Archon of Thorns. Often in the morning, the Baroness was seen having breakfast with the Margrave and conversing.

The Baroness spent as much time as she could with her men of East Blackwood, often seen out with them at nights frequenting taverns or at other camps enjoying food, drink, or song. She was also seen in a meeting with the SHG with her new model ship and present at a contract signing with the Mitrasperanische Hanse.

She was last seen gathering up her items after the gathering, with the intentions of heading Northeast toward Zweiwasser with the Margrave and some of the men in East Blackwood.