Feast of Blackwood / Nations of the Realms



The great nation of Invictus attended the wedding, coronation, and feast led by their Lord, Sir Shandar.   Sir Shandar was dressed in his finest purple while the rest of Invictus wore their usual red, some were in finery as well.  All members of Invictus were respectful and pleasant to talk to especially Lord Sir Trent of Acoria who is also a Knight of Blackwood.  Ambassador Dagger presented Sir Shandar with an issue of the "The Ambassador" newspaper.


The old and well-respected nation of Folkstone was also in attendance.  Lord Sir Malaki was present along with other members of the nation including Regent Matiya who attended to Lady Jinx Uffern, the bride to be of the King of Kerrel of Blackwood.  Many well-intentioned conversations were had with the various members of Folkstone. 


The Druid Kingdom of Voranis was present in force for the wedding however its Druid King was not.  Warlord Cronin Barbaria was the ranking pack member present.  Gaven the Green and Warlord Cronin Barbaria along with other pack members were instrumental in dealing with the issues that plagued Blackwood the nights leading up to the wedding. 

Northern Alliance

The Northern Alliance attended.  Lord Aryss Destevaul of the Northern Alliance, however, was not present.  Gordon Lightfoot of the Northern Alliance, being a member of the King’s Guard, was also present.  Ambassador Dagger angered the Alliance over a dispute concerning seating for the Blackwood Court and Feast.  It is the Embassy’s hope that these tensions be eased in the future. 


Lord Sir Syruss led the collective Neden nation in their attendance of the Royal Wedding and Coronation.  Syruss was honored by the Knights of the Eternal Flame during Blackwood Court. 

Gau Dring

Kailex Enlon Councilor represented Gau Dring at the Feast of Blackwood.  Aside from a discussion about finery, the Embassy had limited contact with Gau Dring. 


The Nation of Stonewood arrived in force as well, led by Lord Elwin O’Bearikin.  They too paid their respects to the new Queen of Blackwood and the union of king and queen. 


A number of Chimeronians were present at the Royal Wedding but its king was not.  Ambassador Dagger spoke at length with Orion of Chimeron about a delicate matter of nobility.  Orion stated that he would inform the king of Dagger’s request. 

Sapphire Isle

Issues concerning Sapphire Isle were spoken of at length during the Feast of Blackwood.  Aid supplies from the Mythodean Western Seal, Support from the East Blackwood Embassy Guard and Tuilli MacAengus were promised and sent.  The East Blackwood Company will also establish a Realms Office on the Island which will include a detachment of Embassy Guard led by Slim of CrestGrath. 

Squire Sayeh of Sapphire Isle, alongside Ambassador Dagger, presented a new crown to the Crown Prince of Blackwood, Sir Seagen.